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AUTOPACK Shrink Tunnels are available in three basic models: • Short length tunnel (TLX) designed for slower pharmaceutical and cosmetic packing lines or label shrinking. • Medium to high speed general purpose tunnels (TMX) suitable for most shrink packaging applications • Long series, heavy duty tunnels (THX), applicable at all speeds where thicker films and heavy packs are used. The machines are
Made in Europe, the Venus Uni76DW Shrink Packaging Machine comes with magnetic hold-down hood, teflon coated permanently air cooled sealing bars, and a 6 program control panel with counter and troubleshooting functionality. This model is one size up from the 75DW and output is 200 – 300 pieces per hour, with the added bonus of only requiring one phase power (15 amp plug). Magnetic hold down; Tefl
Compact construction, High efficiency Infra-red Titanium heater tubing results in power saving of up to 40% over conventional heaters. Great air-flow provides excellent heat distribution for an even shrink Tempocouple temperature control Automatic Temperature Control: The system features automatic temperature variation for convenient operation Variable speed live-roller (mesh) conveyors easily
Shrink Tunnel: - Packmatic Gadsden Rheem Technologies Systems. - Model: 655T35 - S/N 0896079 - Dimensions: 2200mm L x 1000mm W x 1800mm H Electrics: - 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase + Neutral - 25A/phase, 15kW total rating Tunnel Motor: - S1 Duty, 50 Hz, TYP: W-DA71SK-H - 0.37 kW - 220-240/380-415V - 2.03-1.92/1.17-1.11 A - 1410 rpm Belt: - Steel mesh belt - Width: 600mm - Conveyor
- Infeed height: 850 mm - Infeed belt width: 170 mm - Infeed belt length: 1200 mm - Power: 3 Phase, 415V, 50 Hz, Total rated power: 8.7kW - Includes Siemens Micromaster 420 frequency inverter - Outfeed height: 900 mm - Sealing temperature 130°C-170°C - Air pressure 6 bar - Tunnel temperature 170 °C DESCRIPTION: Horizontal shrink bundler machine with tunnel for the packaging of various
Sealing Bar Dimensions: 420mm X 280mm MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply 220 V 50-60Hz Amps:10 Power Supply 240 v Phase 1ph Power Max 3.35kw Max Output 0-300 p/h (pph) Max Product Dimensions 400x250x160mm Max Film Roll Dimensions (Diameter) 250mm Max Film Roll Dimensions (Width) 500mm Working Plate Height 925mm (with Legs) Machine Dimensions with Open Hood 1160x700x1220mm Machine Di
This convective dual zone heat shrink tunnel consists of two conjoined identical tunnels mounted on a frame. They were used in a packaging company. The EZ convective heat shrink tunnel is designed to process both tamper evident bands and shrink sleeves. Can mount directly onto most conveyors, eliminating the need for a floor stand Tunnel dimensions accommodate both tamper bands and shrin