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Remove impurities in the material, and classify the mixed powder and particles into different sizes as you require Function: Screening, separation, sorting, sieving, grading, filtering Stainless steel vibrating sieve. Suitable for separating dry or wet materials. Function: Screening, separation, sorting, sieving, grading, filtering Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304/316L, Plastic Cle
Mobile Raised platform on either side 3 phase 415V, 50Hz Auger pitch 70mm Discharge pipe 150mm off ground 40mm ID Motor specifications: HP: 0.16 - 1.0 RPM: 265-1765 Volts: 84-460 HZ: 10-60 Amps: 1.55
Separate solids from liquids or segregate dry materials into various sizes. Can handle the following materials: wet, dry, fine, coarse, light or heavy Screen diameter: 48inch (121.92cm) Screen type: Twin Deck Frame height :745mm Outlet size: 200mm Discharge 1: 780mm off ground Discharge 2: 940mm off ground Infeed: 200mm ID, 1300mm off ground Top screen: 5mm Includes a plugged inspection hatch V
Rotor Speed: 705 rpm Metering Screw Speed: 86 rpm Metering Screw Drive: 1.1 kW Rotor Drive: 1.5 kW Cat 3 safety/electric included. Option: - 2 x Sets of BFM Fittings (Inlet and Outlet) - Additional Screen/Sieve
This rotating paddle screen sieve was used in a dairy type product manufacturing facility. It is currently fitted with a fairly coarse half screen which is easily removed for sanitising. Teflon tipped scraper paddles push product through the screen.Product was possibly wet and viscous. Barrel size: 400mm ID x 700mm L
<Specifications> Speed: 1,440 rpm Effective Screen Diameter: 430 mm No. of Layer: 1 Screen Size: 2 mm (Mesh #10) Power Supply: 1-Phase, 240V, 50Hz Power Consumption: 1/2 HP Extra Screens available for $1,750 + GST If ordered together with the Sieve.
Cat 3 safety/electrics included.