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THREE CUTTING DIMENSIONS: Slice thickness from 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) to 3/4 inch (19.1 mm) - knob adjustable. Circular knives from 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) to 3 inches (76 mm) - spacers and number of knives determine. Crosscut knife spindle spacing from 9/32 inch (7.1 mm) to 7/8 inches (22.2mm)- change part. By removing the crosscut knife spindle and / or the circular knife spindle(s), the Urschel G can a
Treif Unimat is a dicer that will find its application in a meat industry plant. It is intended for slicing fresh, but also slightly frozen products. The control is analog with buttons. The structure is made of stainless steel and acid-resistant materials. Previously used in dicing carbanossi (Kabanos) Infeed height: 1350mm Discharge height: 720mm Cutting blade: 450mm
Stainless steel construction 3~, 415V system Fixed metal scraper 6 blades cutter Individual controls for knife and bowl. (3 speed options) Includes Holip HLP-A inverter (Out: 3~, 380V, 47A, 22kW) Specifications: Capacity: 150L Volume: 0.1526 m3 Discharge height: 900mm Bowl width: 470mm Machine dimensions: 1900mm L x 1400mm W x 1250mm H Cabinet dimensions: 500mm L x 400mm W x 1
Model: ZB-200 Bowl Cutter chops and emulsifies meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or fruit. Capacity: 100-140kg Volume 200L Electrics: 415V, 115A, 3~ @ 50Hz Rated Power: 57.25 kW 6 cutter knives Shaft speed: 200/1800/3600 rpm Bowl speed: 75/10/15 rpm Unloader disc speed: 83 rpm External Dimensions: 2350 x 2200 x 1910 mm Installation Dimensions: 4000 x 3000 x 3000 mm By means of the high-
Cube cutting machine FAM MC-3D This multifunctional FAM slices, strips (fries) and cube cutting machine is very suitable for cutting all kinds of fruit and vegetables (including apples, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, peppers, pears, melon, onions, zucchini, cucumber, red beets, cabbage types). This dicer has a very high processing capacity of up to 8000 kg / hour. The drum has a large diamet
Kramer + Grebe SM90 is a 90L bowl cutter. Safe and reliable, this machine is suitable for food processing, small-goods manufacturing, and the cutting of meat and vegetables. This easy to clean and maintain machine is mainly used by sausage, dairy and vegetable food processing manufacturers. Capacity: Approx. 90L bowl Dimensions:1500mm x 1300mm x 1450mm
The URSCHEL L-A is ideally suited for dicing or strip cutting products such as celery, fresh or brined peppers, mushrooms, orange, lemon and grapefruit peels. This particular machine was used to slice and dice dried fruit. At present, this unit has an infeed designed to suit the particular products processed by the previous owner. General information: The URSCHEL L-A is used often in the
The Fujishima Koki UVCA Ultrasonic Cutter precision slices sandwiches on a conveying system. Uncut sandwiches are placed on the conveyor which carries them to the ultrasonic cutter head. Capacity: 1,200 pieces/H (capacity is dependent on sandwich type). Blade: Y-shaped,80mm W x 3pcs Air Supply: 0.5MPA 20NL/H Electrics: 3 phase, 415V, 50/60Hz, 3PH.
This good used Urschel Model H-A uniformly slices, strip cuts, and dices a variety of products including peaches, pears, potatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots. The machine features continuous operation for uninterrupted production, and simplified design for easy cleanup and maintenance. Slice Thickness: 3.2 to 25 mm Maximum infeed product entering the Model H-A should not exceed 5-1/2" (