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HOLAC Slicer Sect 230 LTC

Introducing the Sect 230 LTC, a highly versatile and powerful portion cutting machine designed to elevate your food processing operations. With its advanced servo-controlled product feed and intelligent control system, the Sect 230 LTC ensures precise, consistent, and customizable portioning to meet your specific needs.

Key Features of the Sect 230 LTC
1. Servo-Controlled Product Feed
- Achieve consistent slice thickness with unparalleled precision.
- Adaptable to uniform or variable slicing requirements.

2. Smart Control System
- Sophisticated portioning and batching for optimized yield.
- Advanced first-cut control for minimal waste.

3. Powerful Blade Drive
- Robust cutting performance for a variety of products.

4. Integrated Discharge Conveyor
- Streamlined product handling post-slicing for increased efficiency.

5. Fully Automatic Lubrication System
- Reduces maintenance needs while ensuring optimal performance.

6. Product Forward Feed Motion
- Choose between indexed or continuous feed for flexibility.

7. Adjustable Gripper End Position
- Customizable to handle products of various sizes effectively.

8. Photocell Control for Automatic Start
- Enhances operational efficiency with reduced manual intervention.

9. Computer Controlled Operation
- Program storage with a user-friendly touch screen interface.
- Advanced portioning, separation, and batching functionalities.

10. Sanitation and Maintenance
- Easily accessible gripper guide-shaft for thorough cleaning.
- Automatic lubrication system maintains consistent operation.

11. Stable Cut-Off Blade and Support Frame
- Ensures accurate and clean cuts every time.

12. Two-Wing Blade
- Increases capacity and throughput, ideal for high-volume operations.

13. Mobility
- Movable design for flexible placement within your facility.

Ideal Applications

The Sect 230 LTC is perfect for food processing environments that demand precision and high throughput. Suitable for:

-Meat and poultry processing
-Cheese slicing
-Fish filleting and portioning
-Any food products requiring precise and variable slicing

Power requirement: 5kW
Weight: 400kg
Magazine dimensions: 230 x 180mm
Loading length: 740mm
Cut-off length: 1-30mm
Cuts per minute: 210/420
Ambient temperature: 0-30 C

Electrics: 415V, 50Hz, 5kW, 12A
Model Sect 230 LTC
Overall dimensions Length: 3400 mm   Width: 950 mm   Height: 1250 mm   
Stock number SLIC24124S
Serial number 270-00-765
Condition Used
Year of manufacture 2022
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