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Unit is mobile on castors. Full pneumatic operation. Discharge ports threaded: 35mm ID, 960mm off ground Hopper inlet: 775mm x 925mm x 610mm H (approx.) Infeed height: 1660mm
Unit is mobile on castors Needs parts and assembley Working height is adjustable Electrics: 1ph, 220V, 50Hz, 20A plug
Mobile Baking Oven. Electrics: 1ph, 220/230/240V, 3.4/3.2/3A, 50Hz Max kW/hr: 52.70 Combustion type: Natural Gas Gas: Natural: 4.39mm orifice, 0.875kPa manifold pressure, 1.5 kPa min inlet pressure Propane: 2.64mm orifice, 2.5kPa manifold pressure, 2.75 kPa min inlet pressure Belt type: Mesh belt links Belt width: 965mm Belt length: 1935 Working height: 800mm Gaps: 11mm W x 64mm L Tunnel len
Mobile Rigs depositor on castors. Features a fully pneumatic operation with functionality including auto and manual mode (via foot pedal). The height of the unit (will affect infeed and discharge height) can be manually adjusted. Fine stroke adjustments thereby fill quantity are manually adjusted. Modes of operation: Fully automatic and Manual Current Infeed height: 1990mm off ground Current disc
Mobile Herb and Spice Depositor on 150mm castors Features: - Oscillation - Vibrating Plate - Auto and manual mode - Roller and feed controls Discharge height: 1093mm Roller length: 660mm Infeed height: 1600mm off ground Electrics; 3ph, 415V, 50Hz
Model No : HLT-700XL Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine has been approved by many clients. By simply changing the forming mold set, HLT-700XL can produce various foods such as dumpling, fry dumpling, samosa, hargao, ravioli, etc. With HLT-700XL, any food maker can transform business to automatic production with no trouble. The Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine is helpful to increase produ
Batch Vacuum Chamber Cooling System Batch room The room has an access door with a 2-handed control and a viewing window. The room is connected to the pump housing by means of a number of fittings in order to be able to extract air from the room in a regulated way. At the front of the packer, there is an automatic folding ramp installed that automatically moves up when the door is the OPEN mode. W
Single piston depositor mounted on a mobile stainless steel frame. It features adjustable deposit height, speed and fill volume and diving nozzle with built-in suck back, and can be used for cake, muffin and cupcake batters, chunky or delicate fillings. It has automatic operation and an optional foot pedal operation. Jacketed hopper for product temperature regulation with a 3mm mesh screen. Twin
Stainless steel oiling unit with heated tank Mobile on lockable castors 10 discharge ports (nozzle missing) spaced 55mm apart Bowl dimensions: 500mm L x 300mm W Bowl capacity: 55L
Stainless steel washdown construction All pneumatic control including timers Discharge hose ID: 40mm (980mm off ground Volume of hopper: 30L or 0.03397m3 Infeed height:
Includes Dough moistener, marking device and guillotine controls. Conveyor speed can be adjusted. Unit is mobile on castors. *No blade currently installed on the guillotine. Electrics: 3ph, 415V, 50Hz Belt length: 3600mm (main) Belt width: 600mm Foldable belt length: 1100mm
The GEARWHEEL DEPOSITOR is used for accurate depositing of your products. High accuracy in depositing is reached by control of the turning angle of the stainless steel gears of the gearwheel pump. To prevent the nozzles from dripping the gears can be turned backwards to release the pressure from the nozzles. 7 head gearwheel depositor Full stainless steel construction washdown Mobile on castors w
Mobile on castors Individual roller control Safety interlocks on all access panel 3~, 415V 50Hz system Roller width: 450mm Roller window: 550mm Infeed hopper height: 2160mm off ground Discharge height: 310mm from machine base ( 990mm off ground )
Hopper Capacity: 15L Turntable Rotation: 0 - 100 rpm (50/60Hz) Working Table Size: 902 x 522 x 620 mm Air Consumption: 0.5 Mpa or More Foot Switch L-Shape Nozzles More details to be confirmed upon arrival.
The 3-Roll Sheeter creates a consistent dough sheet ready for dough forming, lamination, or further reduction. Two forcing rolls draw the dough into the pressurized cavity between the three rolls, and the dough is compacted and discharged as a continuous sheet. - Stainless Steel Construction - Mobile on lockable castors - Included control panel - Individual top and bottom roller control -
Brand New - available on our floor! Rotating Plate for Cake Masking Included Hopper Capacity: Approx. 60L Features: - Adjustable Depositing Head via Handle - Adjustable Product SUS Tray Height - Servo Driven - Easy to Dismantle for Cleaning without Tool Frame: SUS Constructions on Pivot Wheels Operation Method: Touch Screen
This is a great crumbing machine for the smaller manufacturer. It saves an extra pair or pairs of hands. This machine applies crumbs to a product - like a chicken kiev, fish,veal or beef scallops etc. The schnitzel or item to be coated enters the crumbing machine on a s/s belt. It passes through a small tunnel where it is sprinkled with panko or J-crumbs by means of a vibratory hopper.
This pita bread cutter has a stainless steel frame with a Perspex Hood. Sheeted product was fed into a top mounted conveyor fitted with a slitting roll which sliced the 500mm wide sheet into 50mm widths. Slit product was then sliced into the required length. This was then conveyed gently down a slope onto a conveyor mounted beneath the slitting section, travelling in the opposite direction. Thi
This in-line piston depositor is a multi-purpose machine. It is fitted with 4 nozzles which can be raised and lowered for injecting products. The nozzles are fed/dosed by 4 pistons situated above a conveyor belt. It appears that the product was dosed directly onto trays. Belt Width: 450mm Working Width: 400mm Length of Conveyor: 2,600mm Comes with a different set of 4 nozzles.
Specifications Cake Size Ranges: - Round Cake: 6"-12" - Square Cake: 660 × 660 mm for cutting into square slices - Square Cake: 600 × 400 mm for cutting into triangular slices Included Accessories: - 8” and 10” Round Trays - Square Tray - Spare Cutting Blades x 2 Power Supply: 1-Phase, 220V, 50Hz Lead time 12 weeks from deposit.
The mixing assembly GMG 300 is a point of reference for the new generation of continuous mixers for aerated soft dough (such as sponge cake, plum cake, muffins, whipped and dairy creams). The innovative VERTIMIX head is an example of its technology. The GMG300 is a very compact and versatile machine. Just ONE MACHINE includes: 1) The ingredients pre-mixer 2) The storage Tank 3) The
There are so many exciting variables which can be added (or subtracted) from a GORRERI Cake Decorating Line! VIEW NOW ON YOUTUBE! GORRERI has supplied lines to multinationals who want fully automatic lines right down to the smaller producer who adds on various modules as and when needed. PRICES RANGE FROM A SINGLE MODULE TO A FULLY AUTOMATED LINE h
YUM! MUESLI BARS WITH SOFT FILLINGS!This dual lane encrusting machine was used to manufacture a long confectionery type product with a soft inner filling similar to extruded muesli bars. It is a simple yet sophisticated machine, which also includes the guillotine. The main body of the machine is fitted with four hoppers. One for the inner filling - and one for the outer casing. There are also