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Type: S41IS10 YOM: 2011 Manufacturing No: 11506 Capacity: 1525kW Heat Transfer Area: 87.59m2 Assembling measure min: 578mm Max working pressure: 8 bar Max test pressure: 12 bar Plate material: 316 Weight empty: 1136 Max working temperature: 80 C Gasket material: NBR Plate block: 700 x 840mm OEM Link:
Stainless steel vaccuum vessel with 5 ports Approx volume: 1100mm L x 480mm Dia.
Dual skid mount Alfa Laval Contherm Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger Single-wall scraped-surface heat exchanger for flexible production of products with medium to extremely high viscosities. More versatile: Contherm can handle products with or without particles and viscosities well in excess of 50,000 cP. It is the most versatile heat transfer solution on the market, with limitless opportunities f
This is a Flanged Element - type heat exchanger and was used to heat liquids Watts: 6000 Voltage: 240/415 Phase: 3 Code: M426
This shell and tube heat exchanger was used in a pasta plant.It comes fitted with its own centrifugal pump. No name on pump Motor size of pump: 2.2kW 2855 rpm Grade of s/s: 304 /304L Tube Length: 1500mm 6 Tubes within. OD of Shell tube: 300mm Stamp on Pump Inlet Flange WA 052268 BE 967 Stamp on flange leading to HE from Pump 65DN -10 16 Tube1092 F 304/304L Stamp on outlet flange of
Capacity 1,000L/Hr Tank Capacity: 300L Product Contact: SUS316 (SUS304 for Non-Contact) Cream Inlet Temperature 36 °C Flow Temperature 36°C- 4 °C It is equipped with 1.5" Rotary Lobe Pump (1,000L/hr) - This cream cooler will be supplied to Australian Standards. It will be skid mounted. Quote is subject to confirmation of project scope.
This laboratory/pilot scale scraped surface heat exchanger, or continuous cooker, was used in the confectionery industry.
This unit consists of 10 spiral formed 25mm dia stainless steel tubes of 3,000mm length set in a flat rack configuration. Centre distance between the tubes is 85mm and the entry and exit ports are 1.5" female dairy. The unit would be suitable for ambient air interchange or as liquid submersed type heat exchanger.
Footprint - Width 560mm : Depth 730mm Height - 1400mm Unit is mounted on castors to facilitate portability. Product outlet - 1.5" dia Product inlet - 1.25" dia Refrigerant outlet - 1.25" dia Refrigerant inlet - 1.5" dia.