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Previously running with following capacities: - Total number of tablets arriving at infeed to the counting system was max upto 500 units per minute Discharge quantities vs No. Discharges per minute: - 14 to 16 pieces : 35.7 x 14pcs or 31.2 x 16pcs - 28 to 32 pieces: 18 x 28pcs or 15.6 x 32 pcs - 60 to 72 pieces: 8.4 x 60 pcs or 7x 72 pcs - Product was pressed powder dish washing tablet. Dimen
This fully S/S constructed unit can be "rolled" in over an existing conveyor installation. Sachets are reel fed and guillotine cut (air actuated) at the insertion point. The system is mounted on jacking s screws in addition to castors, and requires a single phase electrical supply in addition to power air. Machine Footprint : 550mm Width x 840mm Length x 1400mm Height.