New and used food processing, packaging & materials handling machinery
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Fruit breaking machine. Product moves up the integrated incline conveyor and is dropped into a cutting column which houses the rotating cutter. The column has a spiral mesh with 40mm spacing. The discharge area is enclosed within a cage which protects and isolates the storage bins. Scraps are discharged via a separate chute. Features: Stainless steel construction Mobile on 150mm lockable cas
Applications: Potatoes, (not suitable for sweet Potatoes), Yams, Ginseng, Diakon. This type of Continuous Automatic Root Vegetable Peeler uses LITTLE WATER during the peeling process. It is a DRY PEELING METHOD. - It is a great advantage and a huge plus for this water starved Australian Continent! Water used for cleaning and sanitizing . - This type of peeling is environmentally friendly
This precision made WATANABE machine was designed to halve and/or quarter whole drumhead or pointed cabbages. Make date - 2013 A folding safety-guard opens to receive the manually placed cabbage in a cradle. As the guard opens, a swinging sensor eye signals the core borer to move upward under the correctly positioned cabbage. The cabbage is cleanly decored, after which the rejected core
The centrifugal dryer is suitable for drying vegetables in leafy vegetables or shredded leaves or diced pieces vegetables by means of centrifugal action. The leafy vegetables are loaded by the flights elevator on the spinner basket. When the weight is set the belt starts to fill the basket in short time . During loading, the basket spins at low speed to distribute the leaves around and whe
<Specifications> Fly trap drum holes 15 mm Water belt filtration (width 350 mm ) Automatic shut off valve bottom discharge Automatic filling valve for prewasher and washer Exiting Mesh Belt Water Tank Bubbling system by Fan Installed electric power : 7 kw
Fantastic state of the art new WASHER for vegetables. Suitable for leafy vegetables such as salads, spinachs etc or for whole or cut vegetables. Washing takes place by means of a delicate action utilising water and pressurised air creating a bubbling effect . <Specifications> The machine is made up of : - Tunnel type washing tanks with automatic discharge bottom valve - Bubbling section
This amazing brand new onion coring machine helps make your production line easier and more efficient! By placing peeled onions onto the trays, it automatically takes out cores of two onions simultaneously. Onion sizes from 40mm - 110mm (one and a half inches to four and a quarter inches) in diameter. Note: The machine can handle only the similar size onions (your onion size must be info
This simple and compact machine works very well in combination with the Nakaya NT- 400S Onion Peeler. Peeled onions are placed individually by an Operator onto a holder on this machine. The onions are then conveyed into the machine, where two sets of knives neatly cut the tops and tails off. The result is finely cut onions, with minimal waste, adding value to your product. Distance between the
How do you process onions with a beautiful hand peeled and polished look? The answer is simply to use the NAKAYA Onion Skin Peeler. The first NAKAYA was designed by an onion grower and improved upon by his engineer son. The third generation has fine-tuned this incredibly rugged and well-designed machine. It requires almost no maintenance. The NT- 400S processes up to 4,000 onions per ho
The new NAKAYA Garlic Peeler is totally trouble free and simple to operate. It also saves huge costs in labour. TECHNICAL DETAILS Capacity: Processing capacity: Up to 45kg/h (100 pounds/hour) Quantity of compressed air required is 27.5 cfm Air pressure required is 0.8 - 0.9 mpa dry air Necessary accessory equipment: Air compressor. Total H.P. of compressor is 7 HP Electrical: 3 Phase,