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The Pulverizer is a medium and rough grinding machine with swinging hammers. It has almost the same structural principle as the Atomizer; however, it has less hammers, has larger gaps with the lining, and processes a slightly larger mass at a low speed. Includes new motor, vsd and safety interlocks Excludes - infeed and outfeed Speed: 1,700 - 3,000 rpm Capacity: Approx. 200 - 1,000 Kg/Hr (Produc
The Mikro Pulverizer hammer & screen mill is a high speed impact mill that can be used for grinding a wide range of materials. The raw material is ground by the strong impact force generated from the swing hammer reaching circumferential speeds of 100m/s and the impact of the liner. The particle top size is controlled by a replaceable retainer screen. Different screen options can produce materials
Includes a jacketed body to accommodate heating and cooling applications. This unit can handle a wide range of materials with low as well as high viscosity. Machine is equipped with special grinders, which produce overwhelmingly fine and round-shape particles of products. These grinders have 150kinds and over variations classified in material itself, material particle size, or ditch style. Besides
Electrics: 3ph, 415V, 50Hz, 20A, 4 pin plug Specifications to be confirmed after trial: Machine uses a wind wheel type high speed rotatory cutter against a fixed cutting plate to pulverize, grind and shear the raw materials. Capacity: 30-50/30-200/50-300 kg/h Input granules size: <10/<12 mm Output granules size: 12-120 mm Power: 2.2/5.5/11 kW Rotor Speed: 3000/2900 rpm Infeed height: 980mm Di
Manufacturer: Fryma Koruma Model: MZM / VK-150 Function: Jacketed vacuum mixing process vessel Capacity: 240L Serial number: L13014 Max. working temperature (Product zone): 139 degC Max. working temperature (Jacket): 139 degC Max. working pressure (Product zone): -1 bar / +1 bar Max working pressure (Jacket): +2,5 bar Installed power: 22,2 kW Electrics: 400V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase Inclusions: - Stainl
This URSCHEL COMITROL 2100 provides maximum utilization of all types of meat for flaked and formed products, as well as other applications including bakery rework. Some products it can handle; Almonds - Paste for bakery, marzipan, and confectionery fillings, using whole or broken almonds. Condition product and use cutting heads for granular to meal texture or microcut heads for smooth, but
Applications for the WAUKESHA/CHERRY BURREL Colloid Mill Abattoirs Beverages Chemicals Contaminated Water Fish Processing Food Products Oenological Oils Process Liquids Slurries Other The Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Colloid Mill produces controlled, highly sheared, uniform dispersions and stable emulsions made up of uniform globules of moderate fineness. A serrated conical stator and a ser
Overall Capacity: 1.5L Working Capacity: 0.5 - 0.9L (Product Dependent) Motor (Blade): 0.4kW, 4P Motor (Cross Screw): 0.2kW, 2P Rotation (Blade): 100 - 1,000 rpm (Inverter Control) Rotation (Cross Screw): 360 - 3,600 rpm (Inverter Control) Vane (Blade): 35-Degree, Z-Shape 3-Vane Integrated Vane (Cross Screw): 3-Stage Cross-Shape Decomposition Structure Discharge: Manual Handle
The IOPAK Conical Mill is used for uniform size reduction, sieving/screening, deagglomeration and homogenous dispersion. Sieve Diameter: 300 mm Screen Size: 1, 2 and 5 mm Motor Size: 1.5 kW Included Accessories: - VSD - Electrical Control Box - Frame with Mobile Casters
This Jeffco cutter mill was used for chopping and grinding of ginger. Excellent for fibrous products and pre-milling/grinding. Approx year of production, mid 1960's.. It can also be used for chemical, plastic and animal products. It was designed for the processing of sugar cane & bagasse. The machine is skid mounted on a s/s base. It is fitted with a feed hopper. Product is minced/ground or