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Specifications Speed 30~50 bags/min (standup pouch depending on weigher speed, bag design and bag size. Bag Pattern: Stand-Up Pouch and Zip Pouch Bag Size Range: 120-320 L x 100-235 W mm Bag Material: Laminated Film Sealing Method: Constant heat sealing (sealing pattern: line seal) Sealing Temperature: PID control (0-300℃) Included Accessories: - Zip Pouch Opener - Product Settling Station - Gas
Features: - Zip opening station - Nitrogen flush system
Electrical: 3ph, 415V, 11.7A, 50Hz, 8.4kVA Pressure: 6bar Air consumption: 10 m3/h Bag width: 60-250mm Bag length: max. 400mm Bag volume: max. 5L Speed: Up to 120 bag/min Reel: max. 600mm dia x 520mm W Machine weight: 1220kg Infeed height: 1990mm off ground Horizontal sealing bar length: 270mm Comes with Domino V300+ batch code printer Safety interlocks on access doors
ADM Pouch Filler Model: ADM-P3600 Job No: 113041 MFR Date: Feb 2012 Serial No: 92002 Air consumption: 0.6 cu. m. Air pressure: 6 bar Elec: 3.5kW, 415V, 8.5A, 50hz Current performance parameter: - Size of pouch: 85-210mm x 140-280mm x 100mm - Shape of pouch: flat-bottom pouch, stand-up pouch, with or without zip - Speed: up to 60 bags/min - Air consumption rate: 0.4m3/min - Nose level: <30dB - Dim
Model: PENTA Type: 2100 Serial Number: 1201 DOM: 09-2008 Vertical Seal - 300mm Jaws - 300mm Currently set-up with a forming shoulder to run 245mm flat bags x 300mm long (rewind is currently 520mm wide). Complete with a LINX thermal printer.
Electric: 400VAC, 3 ph, N PE, 50Hz Bag width 60-250mm Bag length 70-500mm Max. capacity 130bpm Continuous motion Siemens PLC Installed film width: 480 Film roller width: 550mm Vaccum dust extractor in the feed pipe Feed pipe circumference: 435mm Horizontal sealing bar missing (to be ordered) Electric: 3ph, 415V, 50Hz Bag dispense height : 470mm off ground Infeed height: 1900mm Safety interlock
Electrics: 1ph, 220V, 50Hz Capacity: 40-60 bag/min Range of measurement: 1-100ml/ 1-100g Bag size: 20-160mm L x 20-100mm W Sealing type: Back sealing Rated power: 1.180kW
8 station Doy Pouch machine Production speed: Approx. 25-30 pouches/min (product dependent) Bag sizes: 100-240mm W x 120-350mm H Bag types: Pre-formed four side seal, Flat bag, Stand-up pouch Bag material: Heat sealable laminated film Sealing type: Constant heat sealing Rotary motion: Intermittent Temperature controller: PID thermo controller (0-300 C) Discharge: Discharged through belt conveyor
Technical data: 1. Size of pouch: Min size: 150w x 200h, Max size: 315w x 480h x 100d (mm) 2. Shape of pouch: flat-bottom pouch, stand-up pouch – with or without zip. 3. Speed range: 20-45 pouches/min 4. The packing systems depend on the packing machine with the filler running together 5. Power supply: 415V, 50Hz 6. Power consumption: 5kW 7. Air consumption: 0.6-1.1 m 3 /min 8. Noise level: <80dB
Ideal for: powders, confectionery, bakery, cereals, snacks, coffee, IQF frozen food and vegetables, fresh produce, luxury consumables, dried fruit and pharmaceuticals. Technological solution for superior product handling and package presentation. Servo driven for enhanced performance. Low impact, compact design saves floor space. Fast repeatable changeovers. Proven Bosch film handling and seal
Continuous Motion Series Box Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine offering the Longest Dwell and Highest Speed available. Perfect for LDPE packaging material at high speed. Perfect for Heavy Laminate Block Bottom bags at high speed. Perfect for heavy bags that require long seal cool times. All bag styles including Reclosable Zipper. Ideal for Fragile Product due to short drop height and low net
Youtube link: This IOPAK VFFS servo driven bagmaker is a winner. It is extraordinarily well priced for a brand new,reliable, state of the art, stainless steel VFFS Bagmaking machine. SOME FEATURES The touch-sensitive screen can display operational statistics, instructions and fault finding. The internationally used Japanese made Programmable Controller can h
Capacity: 45 - 60 bags/min (Product and Packaging Materials Dependent) Fill Range: 1 - 50 g (To be Confirmed) Bag Size Range: 40 - 80 W x 40 - 120 L mm Power Consumption: 7.5HP Air Pressure: 6-8 kg/cm2
Capacity: Max 30 packs/min (Product, Fill Volume and Packaging Materials Dependent) Fill Range: 100cc - 1L Application: Liquid, Viscosity (High Viscosity-able) Seal System: Skat Seal System Pouch Type: Stand Up Pouch Packaging Materials: Laminate Film, Laminate Film Roll Film Width: 310 - 590 mm Product Pitch: 90 - 180 mm Cooling Water: Required
This Technopack sachet packer was used in a food manufacturing plant It is also fitted with a Markem SmartDate 5 thermal transfer printer. Sealing Jaw Details: 340mm Jaw Length 240mm Jaw Width Bag Size Approx 220 mm x 320 mm L Inclusions: - Siemens PLC - Weinview HMI - Schneider Servo drive - 220 Rollstock Former fitted Image Details: Type: Smartdate 5. Serial 09832711 YOM 2009 50-60Hz 100
Bag type - 3 sided sealing Bag Width : 30 - 150 mm Bag Length: 30 - 200 mm Film Thickness: 35 - 80 microns Power: Single phase, 240 V, 10 A, 50 Hz This unit is currently set-up for a 60mm wide sachet. The length is variable. Year of manufacture 2009. Dimensions: 1,670 x 873 x 1,500mm (l x w x h)
<Product Application> Granules & Powders (Mostly Free Flowing) <Technical Specifications> Speed: Max 45 packs/min (Please See 'Note') Bag Width Range: 90 to 150mm Vertical Seal Width: 8mm Bag Length Range: 50 to 200mm Max Bag Volume: 800cc Standard Film Thickness: 35 - 80 micron Inner Film Reel Diameter: 75mm Outer Film Reel Diameter: 300mm Bag Type: Pillow/Stick Pack Voltage: 1 Pha
Specifications Capacity: 10 - 70 packs/min (Product and Packaging Materials Dependent) Stick Size Range: 10 - 45 W x 50 - 190 L mm Film Width: 200 mm (100 mm per Lane) Power Consumption 4kW at Peak, 2.5kW on Average Air Consumption: Approx. 0.6MPa, 200 NL/min Features: - Setting and changing bag length are very simple and easy. They are performed only by pressing the touch panel with you
This smallprint, continuous motion high speed sachet packer offers the following features: - Elegant design, ease of use, low maintenance - 40 - 100 sachets/min single lane (product dependant) - 3 profile options ; 3 sided seal, pillow/stick, triangle pack - Extreme accuracy General Specs: Speed: 40 - 100 bags/min (Dry Run) Bag Size Range: 40 - 140 W x 70 - 200 L mm Air Consumption: 6 K
Capacity: 10 - 15 bags/min (Product and Packaging Materials Dependent) Packing Volume: 50 ~ 300 ml Width of film:320 mm (330mm or 305mm) Accuracy: ±1.5 % Air Pressure: 0.65 Mpa Air consumption: 0.5m3/min(0.8Mpa) Power supply: AC220V50Hz Power: 1.5 KW Weight: 400 Kg
Specifications Capacity: Up to 20 bags/min * Product, Fill Volume and Pouch Size Dependent Pouch Size: 120 - 500 L x 100 - 250 W mm Pouch Type: Pillow Pack Fill Volume Range: 500 - 7,500 gms Power Supply: 3-Phase, 380V, 50Hz, 1.7kW
Capacity: 10 - 150 packs/min (Product & Packaging Materials Dependent) Bag Type: Pillow Pack, Gusseted Bag Pillow Bag Size: 60 - 400 L x 60 - 250 W mm Film Diameter: Max 600 mm Film Core Diameter: 76 mm Power Consumption: 5.5 kW Air Pressure: 0.5 MPa or More Air Consumption: 0.32 NL/cycle Power Supply: 3-Phase, 415V, 50Hz, 15A
This Doy Pouch Filler & Sealer is highly regarded in the food manufacturing industry. It is reliable, simple to operate & clean as well as being GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY! [Applications] - Powder, granule, kernel, liquid, paste products. Sugar, rice, salt, beans, seeds, nuts, detergent, candy, meatball, etc (Solid/Grain). - Soup, juice, ketchup, curry & tomato paste, shampoo etc (Liquid). [Spe
ASTRO-S-201 Running Speed* up to 80 BPM Width: 100 mm ~ 250 mm Length: 100 mm ~ 400 mm Maximum roll diameter: 400 mm Maximum roll width: 690 mm Enclosure Rating IP-52 Display Color LCD Presets 200 items Power Supply** 3-phase 200 VAC ±10 % 15 A 3 kW 50 / 60Hz Air Consumption 0.5 MPa 60 NL PDF ATTACHED
This ORIHIRO ONPACK VFFS machine was used for liquid products and has a double seal configuration for extra strength and hot fill. Aplications: Soup (diluted or concentrated) Sauces, Soybean milk, Almond milk, Custards etc. Speed: 5 - 40 packs per min (product dependent) Filling Volume: 200~5000ml (product dependent) Packaging Materials: NY/PE/KOP/PE plus other laminated films. We will trial
This is a compact liquid filling machine Specification: Packaging capacity: Max 30 bags / minute (in the case of 300 cc) Bag size Max 130 mm × Pitch 100 - 200 mm Power supply 3 phase , 415V - 2.5kW Air source 100 NL / min Weight 400 kg Note: Price excludes Feed pump (must be a positive displacement pump with a variable speed drive), outfeed con
Set up for single lane larger (100 g) packs of noodles. Package/ Sachet Size: 175mm W x 250mm L Jaw width: 250 mm W Sachet Size Range: 90 - 210 W x 150 - 300 L mm
The VFFS-600 Vertical Form Fill Sealer, otherwise known as a Bag Maker (VFFS), is a part of an automated packaging system. It is used in conjunction with an infeed system like a weigher, volumetric feeder or dosing pump that will deliver a charge of product. This is a high speed solution and lends itself to packaging foodstuffs. Most products displayed in plastic bags are packed using this
A wide variety of models available! Models: 6S320 / 8S235 / 8S285 / 8S320 / 8S400 / 10S235. Discuss your specific needs with our salesteam.
APPLICATIONS: Powder Granule Fresh fruit/vegetables IQF (individually quick frozen) Cereal/Nuts/Snacks Candy Pasta/Beans/Rice Meat/Poultry/Fish Sauce, sauce/solid mix Liquid detergent, softener, painting and cooking oil Pet food/Snacks Hardware/Non-Food Products Facial mask pack Strips/Sachets/Stick Packs into a Pouch Specifications Max. speed per minute (idle cycle) 200 (8SQ
VFFS S400 It is often said that life is a series of trade-offs, but who said anything about your bagger? With the S400 you get all the benefits you need – speed, flexibility and affordability – in one robust servo-driven machine. And this form, fill and seal powerhouse has a rugged design while accommodating multiple bag designs and dimensions. Did we mention speed? At 100 bags per minute, this s
This machine is currently set up for a 160g pack of snack food. It is possibly a BOHUI Model BH-500 (No model name on plate) Film width 180-500mm Bag width 80-240mm Bag length 100-300mm Packing speed 15-60bpm Air requests 0.36m3/min, 0.6Mpa 0.4m3/min, 0.6MPa 0.7m3/min, 0.6MPa Power supply 220V, 50HZ, 3 Kw Weight 550kgs Outer dimension 1550x1160x1480m Filling Systems Fits most fillers
This ELPACK GL-250C VFFS Bagging Machine was used together with an ELPACK Goren GRST-10 Head Multihead Weigher. Included in the package is the painted platform for the weigher, access stairs for the platform and a painted outfeed conveyor. There are also 5 sets of forming shoulders for the bagging machine. Bag Size Range: 50 - 250 W x 50 - 390 L mm Speed: Up to 105 bags/min (Product and Pa
If you are packaging CHEESE, MEAT, POULTRY, SEAFOOD, VEGETABLE AND FRUIT PRODUCE, then this is the bagging machine for you. You can hose down without having to cover any components and restart before the machine is dry! The V45 combines the durability of the V32 bag machine with the sleek design and versatility of the V60 bag machine. The result is an intermittent motion vertical bag
Looking for that extra? The S60 Speedster from iopak is the answer. Designed in-house for iopak this is a SMALL FOOTPRINT sachet packer on steroids.It is ideal for liquids, solids and granules. The S60Speedster offers the following features: - High speed, with twin pumps. - Elegant design, ease of use, low maintenance - Twin piston power - 10-90 sachets/min single lane (product depend
This BRAND NEW sachet packer comes with a servo motor driven auger filler and is designed to handle granular products and powder (including fine, free flowing powders): Technical Specifications Film Width: 50 - 240 mm (3 or 4 Sided) Film Width: 45 - 120 mm or 120 - 300 mm (Stick Pack) Bag Length : 50 - 200 mm Bag Type: 3-Sided Seal or Stick Pack (NOT BOTH). * 4-sided available upon special
This automatic IOPAK Sachet Packer comes COMPLETE with its own VOLUMERIC CUP FILLER AND PISTON PUMP. It has a host of new features which make it a winner with contract packers who run their machines at maximum capacity! Product Application Granules & Powders (Mostly Free Flowing) Liquids, Sauces, Shampoo etc Technical Specifications Speed: 25 - 90 packs/min (Please See 'Note') Max We
This automatic IOPAK VERTICAL FORM FILL SEAL PACKING MACHINE comes COMPLETE with its own LIQUID FILLING SYSTEM. It makes a 3 sided sealed pack. It has a host of new features which make it a winner with contract packers who run their machines at maximum capacity! Product Application Liquids, sauces, liquid soap, shampoo, chilli sauce, detergents, lotions, ketchup, mayonnaise etc. Technica
This automatic IOPAK STICKPACK (VFFS) MACHINE comes COMPLETE with its own VOLUMETRIC CUP FILLING SYSTEM. It has a host of new features, which make it a winner with contract packers who run their machines at maximum capacity! <Product Application> Granules & Powders (Mostly Free Flowing) <Technical Specifications> Film Width: 50 - 240 mm (3 or 4 Sided) Film Width: 45 - 120 mm or 120 -
'EUROPEAN QUALITY AT A CZECH PRICE' With the M250 you have the option of operating from your 'smart phone or laptop' Overview VIKING MASEK'S continuous motion bagmaker M 250 is a steal. Great European technology and reliability at an affordable price. The M 250 is also extremely versatile, handling package sizes up to 260mm ( wide and multiple package styles. If you want to speed,reliability
Masek´s continuous motion bagmaker Twinner VC 250 is the world's fastest vertical bagmaker, capable of true production speeds to 240+ bpm. The unique centre mounted filling tube and patented cantilever dual sealing profiles, that are natural counterbalanced, are designed to provide vibration free, extremely smooth operation at incredible speeds. Our color graphic operator interface coupled wi
Coffee Powder Packaging! Rice Ready Meals! Two Products Filling! Retortable Pouches! View it all on Youtube. Specifications Fill Range: 100ml~2000ml Speed 30~50 bags/min (standup pouch depending on weigher speed, bag design and bag size. Bag Pattern: Stand-Up Pouch Bag Size Range: 120-320 L x 100-235 W mm Bag Material: Laminated Film Sealing Method: Constant heat sealing (sealing pattern
This particular KOMACK model has an excellent track record of stable performance. It has a 3 stage rolling system (1st stage/roll for heating vertical seal, 2nd for heating horizontal seal and the 3rd for re-pressing and cooling the horizontal seal) It ensures almost perfect sealing stability. Filling Product: Liquid and paste Pouch Pattern: 3 side and 4 side seal (single and twin) Packag
<Specifications> Fill Range: 100ml~1000ml Speed 30~35 bags/min (standup pouch) 20~22 bags/min (corner spout pouch) for 1 litre depending on viscosity of product, foam, bag design and bag size. Bag pattern Preformed stand-up pouch, corner spout standup pouch Bag Size Range: 120-320 L x 100-235 W mm Bag Material: Laminated Film Sealing Method: Constant heat sealing (sealing pattern: line s
iopouch PM450, it’s all in the bag with many great features! - Ideal for large bag packaging - Suitable for a wide range various film thicknesses for PE film bags - Rapid output from pre-made bags - Piab suction cup with vacuum tester - Large air cylinder holds pre-made bags to ensure a flat perfect seal - Suitable for flat-bottom handled bags - All stainless steel design - Suitable for
Precision servo-drive WINPAK 8 lane sachet filling & packing system for producing more than 650 packages per minute. This high speed stainless steel machine was filling sauce sachets.Can fill pizza sauce; mayonnaise, salad dressing, Tartar sauce, mustard, soy sauce, ketchup, salsas, soap,dessert toppings etc. - Package features such as easy open notches and perforations, pouring spouts, drip-re
This brand new IOPAK s/s VFFS Bagmaker is very competitively priced. It is also extremely simple to change over. It is servo-driven and also includes a touchscreen. Applications: Powders, Granules Pouch Type: Pillow Pack, Gusset. Specifications 25-70 packs/min (Product Dependent) Bag Dimensions: 70-240 (W) x 100-320 (L) mm Air Supply: 6 kg/cm², 2.5 m³/min Power: 220V, 3KW Film Diamet
This stainless steel IOPAK complete weighing, bagmaking and packaging line has proved a very popular choice for food (or chemical) manufacturers and contract packers. -The complete line is fabricated in stainless steel (including the platform) thus facilitating good hygienic practice. - It is VERY reasonably priced compared to most other systems. - PPN installs and commissions the line (condi
NICE AND COMPACT DESIGN It might be small - but it offers SO MANY FEATURES! This mini doy pouch machine can seal pouches at a speed of up to 20 pouches/min. For those who have limited space available in their factories, this machine takes up only 1 pallet space (1710mm x 510mm x 950mm H) <Specifications> Speed: Max 20 packs/min (Product & Pouch Dependent) Bag Width: 130 - 300 mm (Standard) * S
Used sachet packer (no filling mechanism) <Technical Specifications> Bag Width: 43mm-120mm (Minimum-Maximum) Bag Length : 50mm-200mm (Minimum-Maximum) Standard film thickness: 35-80micro Inner film reel diameter: 75mm Outer film reel diameter: 300mm (Maximum) Bag Volume: 150cc (Maximum) Voltage: 1 phase/220V/50Hz Total Power: 2kW Machine Speed : 100bag/min (Maximum) Actual Speed : Sub
This brand new IOPAK packaging system has been designed for LOW PROFILE INSTALLATIONS. It comes complete with a multihead weigher, VFFS bagmaking machine (a really compact little s/s machine) plus an offtake conveyor and a reseal bag labelling system. Applications This machine is suitable to use in packing solid material, such as puffed food, dried shrimps, peanuts, popcorn, oatmeal, seed
This IOPAK VFFS servo driven bagmaker is a winner. It is extraordinarily well priced for a brand new, reliable, state of the art, stainless steel VFFS Bagmaking machine. SOME FEATURES The touch-sensitive screen can display operational statistics, instructions and fault finding. The internationally used Japanese made Programmable Controller can handle & store up to 100 sets of working conf
- Inclined Feeding Conveyor with Soft Feed & Counting Sensor - PLC Work - IOPAK Servo Driven VFFS Model IWS-600 with Hole Punch - S/S Outfeed Conveyor - MARKEM-IMAJE Intermittent Thermal Transfer Printer 8018i including Bracket, Installation & Commissioning * PPN Factory Testing & Setup - Onsite Commissioning & Training - Transport to site is customer’s responsibility. Technical Details
This brand new s/s IOPAK auger filler and VFFS bagmaker is just part of a COMPLETE POWDER LINE, which is being offered by PPN at an unbelievable price. It comprises of the following items: NEW IOPAK Auger filler mounted above the VFFS Bagmaker Positive shut off nozzle Anti static One set of tooling NEW IOPAK s/s IWS-600 VFFS Bagmaker (twin Servo Driven with memory) NEW IOPAK GS-S3 I
This little used (demo machine) Italian designed & manufactured VFFS has many excellent features. Specifications: - Impulse Seal Method - Type of Film: PE (Polyethylene) - Bag Dimensions: Max 500 (L) x 70-375 (W) mm - Film Reel Diameter: 400mm - Film Reel Width: Max 800mm - Working Pressure: 6 bar - Air Consumption: 14Nl - External Forming Tube Diameter: 240mm - Photo Eye - Support f
This brand new model in very compact and is even fitted with a retractable control panel. Max. bag size : 500 (W) x 500 (L) mm Loading stations available: From 1 up to 5 depending on the bag size. Bag Characteristics: No film overlaps Loading options: Synchronised with automatic loading system Bag Options: EURO-SLAT OR DOUBLE SEALING Standard 701 TECHNICAL DETAILS * Main Structure ma
This fully stainless steel twin lane stick pack/pillow pack was packing bean curd paste in the confectionery industry. This type of machine can be used on wet or liquid products such as mayonnaise, jam, honey, soy sauce, soup or various sauces. It continuously forms the tube, seals the back, then seals bottom and top. The machine is supplied with a stainless steel product tank as well as 2