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Stainless steel mesh belt cooling conveyor. Includes CIP plumbing. All access doors protected by safety interlocks. Model No: AAC Serial number: 1074 DOM: 09/12 Project No: 11002756 TLA No: 31012293 Belt type: Mesh belt Belt length: 2535 C2C Drive Chain width: 15mm Belt width: 570mm Discharge height: 1110mm Working height: 1455mm Threaded feet: 200mm long thread Electrics: 3ph, 415V, 50Hz
Dehydration Capacity: 3.5 L/hr (Product Dependent) Power Supply: 220V/50Hz Inut Power: 1.0kW Rated Current: 5.0A Max Input Power: 1.6kW + 1.0kW Max Temp: 80 Degrees C Refrigerant Type: R134a Refrigerant Quantity: 850g Noise Level: 60dB or Less (A)
This unit appears to be the older version of the PULVIS GB 210-A which will be confirmed upon arrival Product Summary Capable of drying ultra small samples as low as 0.5g of solid content.Can spray dry into fine powder 1μm in size when optional mini cyclone is used. Features of Spray Dryer Pulvis Mini Spray Features Compact spray dryer that can produce powder easily on a laboratory scale.
The IOPAK GFGQ -300 Fluid Bed Dryer has many uses within the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and is simple to operate and clean. Fluid bed drying and processing enable the transformation from wet powder into dry powder, and powder into agglomerates and granulates. It can dry, cool, agglomerate, and granulate many products such as : Food & Dairy, Chemical,Cosmetics & Plastics. Ba