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Nippon Career Co Vertical Auger Conveyor VC312AS

This type of vertical auger conveyor is mostly used in the meat/food industry.
·System which reduces labour and floor space
·Hygienic ‒ cut meat never touches human hands.
·Equipped with cylinder residue-reducing fast feed mode (V models only).
·Equipped with tub safety cover and safety sensor on cylinder cover.
·Removable screw makes cleaning easy.
·Keeps transport distance to the next process in line to a minimum, reducing the ttemperature increase experienced by the material.
·Can be connected to existing machines.
·Uses hygienic stainless steel and light alloys.
·Cylinder shape is a unique design developed by Nippon Career which prevents material from remaining inside.
See attached PDF
Height above outlet: 1230mm
Stock Number:MATH20214S
Serial Number:NA

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