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IOPAK IOPAK PLUS Quick Release Conveyor QRS-2200

Belt Type: Flat Belt, Food Grade - Polyurethane with 2 x tracking strips
Construction: Full stainless steel construction
Dimensions of belt: 2.2m long x 200mm wide belt x 850mm working height
Drive: SEW Motor and gearbox, 0.25kW, 29 RPM
Variable Speed Controller: SEW Integral Unit
Bearing Type: Stainless Steel with quick release mechanism
Other: Working Table with adjustable height.
Working table also has adjustable horizontal back stop.
Conveyor end has removable end stop
Cross stop plate on infeed is adjustable up and down, in and out and telescopic in length
Conveyor on castors (SS, swiveable and lockable)
Size/Capacity:Conveyor Length: 2.2m
Conveyor Width: 200mm W
Stock Number:MATH18280G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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