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OKURA V-Shaped Belt Conveyor (Variable speed) with slide mechanism

This trough type V conveyor consists of two PVC conveyors placed at 90 degrees to each other.
Best Dimensions: 55mmW x 950mm L (x 2)
Motors: PANASONIC AC Single Phase, Model M9GC5B 7127

Speed is regulated by means of two speed variators inside the control panel. When speed is satisfactorily calibrated product is fed into the V trough. A pneumatic gating system which opens and shuts permits products to be dispersed as required.

A further feature is a track system which enables the operator to slide the conveyor approximately 1300mm to the right side (in any position required) whilst the unit is in operational mode. This sliding system would be useful for shuttling products from one line to another
Size/Capacity:Belt Dimensions: 55mmW x 950mm L (x 2)
Stock Number:MATH13496S

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