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Enmin 2 Stage 12 Lane Penny Stacker 175

Baked products need very gentle handling after cooling as they are transferred to the wrapping and packaging stations
he handling of the products after cooling is a critical step in the production process. Experience and know-how, coupled with proven conveyor design are fundamental to guarantee a high production efficiency for the whole line whilst preventing damage to the finished product.
Product stacking is a critical phase where expertise in fragile material handling is essential to achieve high efficiency in production. Depending on the type of products being manufactured, GEA has developed two stacking systems to handle biscuits or crackers after cooling prior to presentation to the packaging system.

Strips breaking
Top rollers gently break the strips to create single portions
The products may be either aligned and channeled and then gently separated to form single portions, or alternatively, they may be diverted into guides for automated product stacking prior to packaging.
Stock Number:MATH20470S

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