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Watanabe Cabbage Coring and Halving or Quartering Machine CW-500

This precision made WATANABE machine was designed to halve and/or quarter whole drumhead or pointed cabbages.

A folding safety-guard opens to receive the manually placed cabbage in a cradle. As the guard opens, a swinging sensor eye signals the core borer to move upward under the correctly positioned cabbage.

The cabbage is cleanly decored, after which the rejected core drops into a receptacle positioned directly beneath the boring chamber.

The cabbage is then moved forward onto the cutting blade where it is either halved or quartered.
Speed: Dependent on the operator feeding cabbages into the machine.
Size/Capacity:Speed: Dependent on the operator feeding cabbages into the machine.
Stock Number:FRUI20121S
Serial Number:20

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