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SEALERON Induction Sealer (Flat Caps) LK-770P-880

How Induction Sealing Takes Place

Induction sealing is a straightforward and simple process but an efficient way to seal bottles. The filling machines fill the bottles and are capped at some point. The plastic cap has an aluminium foil liner inside. Once the capped bottle passes under the induction sealing machine, which transmits electromagnetic energy to the foil liner, the liner becomes hot and welds itself to the neck of the container which remains in place even when the cap is removed. The aluminium foil provides a tight seal that helps prevent leakage, provides tamper evidence and can improve the shelf life of the product.

For small production run of sealing a few hundred units a day, SealerOnâ"¢-100 is a good solution. Highly recommended for:
smaller or start-ups businesses looking to introduce a new product in the market
ideal for laboratory testing and applications
a low cost backup measure for higher end induction equipment

Single Phase, 240V, 50Hz
0.8 KVA
Stock Number:PSEA19443S
Serial Number:BFLSTK0106SA01

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