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PAVAN Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger fitted with centrifugal pump S & T

This shell and tube heat exchanger was used in a pasta plant.It comes fitted with its own centrifugal pump.

No name on pump
Motor size of pump: 2.2kW 2855 rpm
Grade of s/s: 304 /304L
Tube Length: 1500mm
6 Tubes within.
OD of Shell tube: 300mm
Stamp on Pump Inlet Flange WA 052268 BE 967
Stamp on flange leading to HE from Pump
65DN -10 16 Tube1092 F 304/304L

Stamp on outlet flange of HE: 40DN 10 - 40 Pipe EN1092 304/304L WA 070587 B.E.679

Model:S & T
Size/Capacity:Tube Length: 1500mm
6 Tubes within
Stock Number:HEAT16254S
Serial Number:WA 070587

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