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IOPAK TRS1-100-2.2 V Continuous Powder/Liquid Mixer

This brand new IOPAK TRL1-100-2.2 vertical high shear liquid/powder blender mixes powder (placed into the hopper) and liquid (piped into the inlet pipe) to form a homogenous emulsion.

It is fitted with inlets for water cooling of the dispersing head and another for CIP sanitizing. This liquid and powder mixer disperses shears and emulsifies product in a very short time. It also minimizes the air introduced into the process ensuring a smooth, airless, lump free product.

This system makes it easier to dose and dissolve powdered products like sugar, flavour additives etc. in a continuous stream.
Capacity: 0 -3000L/hr (product dependent - in this case water)
Material: SUS316
Motor Size: 2.2kW
Speed of Motor: 2800rpm
Very compact footprint
YOM July 2007

Product (Powder or granules) is metered into the hopper which is closed by a butterfly valve. As liquid is introduced into the 38mm (1.5") "wet" or liquid inlet, the butterfly valve is opened to regulate the powder flow. The rotation of the rotor produces a very strong axial flow which sucks the liquid and powder into the dispersal chamber which is fitted with SUS316 rotor & stators.

The powder is quickly reduced in size and emulsified. Frictional heat is kept to a minimum by means of water cooling. The dispersing head is easily disassembled but can be sanitized in situ by means of a 50mm TRICLOVER port.
Model:TRS1-100-2.2 V
Size/Capacity:0 -3000L/hr (product dependent - in this case water)
Stock Number:MIXE16007G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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