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IOPAK Fluid Bed Dryer GFGQ-300

The IOPAK GFGQ -300 Fluid Bed Dryer has many uses within the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and is simple to operate and clean.

Fluid bed drying and processing enable the transformation from wet powder into dry powder, and powder into agglomerates and granulates. It can dry, cool, agglomerate, and granulate many products such as : Food & Dairy, Chemical,Cosmetics & Plastics.

Batch Fluid Bed Drying is an effective type of solid drying as the entire particle surface of each individual particulate (powder, granule, pellet, agglomerate) is being dried in the flight phase. The product is dried gently and the heat transfer is excellent.
Technical Parameters:
Capacity: 300kg/hr
Bowl Diameter: 1600mm
Volume of Bowl:1400L
Fan: 30kW
Air-flow of Fan: 7800 cu meteres/hr
Air Pressure of Fan: 9800Pa
Stirrer Power: 1.5kW
Stirrer speed: 7 rpm
Steam Consumption: 366kg/hr
Drying Time: 15 - 60 min

1) Elementary effect filter s/s
2) Sub-high effect filter (frame type)
3) Draught Fan 30kW
4) Frame (304 SUS)
1) Steam radiator ~120㎡,304 SUS ( Electric heating available)
2) Frame (304 SUS) 1.2mm thickness
1) Air inlet device (adjusting valve plate)
2) Supporting Base (Assembly parts) 304SUS
3) Base support plate SUS304
4) Upper shell - Φ1600 SUS304 (3mm)
5) Material shell - Φ1460 SUS304 (3mm)
6) Lower shell - Φ1000 SUS304 (3mm)
7) Slider - SUS304 (3mm)
8) Mat net - SUS304
9) Punched-plate - SUS304 (3mm)
10) Skip material - G1-1/4″ s/s pipe
11) Stirring reductor - 1.5Kw
12) Seals - Silicon rubber
13) Bag shelf - Assembly parts
14) Filter shelf - Φ18 SUS304
15) Filter bag - Needling wool - Electrostatic prevention
16) Stirring device - Assembly parts
1) Lifting cylinder - Back flange
2) Bag vibration cylinder - Front flange
3) Electromagnetic valve -
4) Metal Hose (high temperature resistant)
1) Electrical cabinet plate SUS304
2) Controlling appliance - Siemens
1) PLC
2) Touch Screen
3) Transducer
In order to agglomerate, some modification is required. Price quoted on standard model.
Size/Capacity:Capacity: 300kg batch
Stock Number:DRYE15168G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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