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PepsiCo Sakata Snackfoods Plant Sale

IOPAK Continuous Bag/Pouch Spin Chiller

Included Items: - IP65 Rated Electrical Controls - Paperless Chart Recorder - Recirculating Pump with Inline Basket Filters - Lanyard Safety System - S/S Cleated Belt, S-Shaped Pouch Infeed Conveyor - S/S Wire Mesh Pouch Drying Conveyor with Fan Blowers...

OctoFrost Fluid Bed IQF Freezer

OctoFrost fluid bed IQF freezer. Freezing meat dice and vegetable. Installed in 2016. Capacity - (Product and Size Dependent) Up to 500kg/hr Up to 1350kg/hr of frozen peas Up to 1350kg/hr on peas The frozen products preserve its natural shape, smell, color and volume, for a Natural Appearance. Premium product appearance and low dehydration contribute to High Yield. Hygienic mono-block des...

Lovelock Luke Stand alone Refrigeration Unit

This free standing refrigeration unit is mounted on a series of racks. Footprint: 900mm L x 1200mm W x 2630mm H Nameplates: Serial no 53585 21/11/1993 AS1210 Class 3 App no 296 87 DesignTemp: 68 deg C DP: 2400 KPa TP: 3600 KPa ...