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Turbocharge your cooking vessel
with Steam Infusion

Cook faster

  • Cook 1,000 kg from ambient to 95°C in 7-10 minutes
    For products with no hold time such as bechamel, custard, tomato and sweet chilli sauces, you can potentially make 3,000 to 5,000 L/hour with a 1,000 L cooker.
  • Cook chickpeas from raw in 45 minutes (no overnight soaking required)!

Reduce your costs

  • Extremely efficient, reducing energy costs
    Almost 100% of the heat and energy is absorbed into the product instead of being lost to the atmosphere (as is the case with traditional cooking).
  • Potential reduction in spices and ingredients
    Faster cook times and retention of flavours and health benefits of the product can potentially reduce the quantities of spices and ingredients required.

Enhance your product

  • No burn-on to side walls of kettle
    Great for products with high protein or sugar (custards, dairy or cheese sauces, for example).
  • No discolouration of sauces
    Especially good for white sauces.
  • Enhanced flavour
    Flavonoid loss is lower than traditional atmospheric cooking.
  • Very gentle on starch water absorption

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