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180L Paddle Mixer

This machine's inter-meshing paddle shafts gently and efficiently mix all kinds of products, regardless of viscosity or stickiness. It is a perfect meat mixer - great for beef burgers, ground meat, sausage meat and poultry - and also the best choice for mixing cereals, powders, vegetables, salads, dried herbs, and many other products.

Available models: MIX-180 (180L), MIX-300 (300L), MIX-450 (450L), MIX-650 (650L), MIX-900 (900L), MIX-1500 (1500L), MIX-2400 (2400L), MIX-3600 (3600L). Contact us for technical information on the MIX-4500 (4500L), MIX-6000 (6000L) and MIX-8000 (8000L).



Even mixing in under 2 minutes

The N&N MIX series of mixers enables the gentle and effective mixing of products such as meat, poultry, cereals, vegetables and sandwich fillings. Mixing times of less than two minutes are achievable.

Quick and effective discharge

The N&N MIX series has a short discharge time and leaves minimal product in the mixing bowl. The level of the displacement between the two mixer halves provides fast discharge to the large outlet door which helps to ensure corner-to-corner mixing.

Sanitary construction

The body and shafts of the MIX series mixing machines are constructed of 100% stainless steel. All corners of the hopper and bowl are curved and surfaces are expertly ground and bead blasted or polished to facilitate thorough cleaning. The machine's three zone construction completely isolates the drive, bearings, sprocket, chain and lubrication points from the mixing chamber; this prevents food products from being contaminated by lubricants or bacteria.

Programmable Operation

The mixer can be optionally equipped with a colour touch-screen and PLC for user-friendly operation. The software enables up to 100 mixing programs to be saved, each with up to 5 programmable steps.

Cooling System

The mixer can be optionally equipped with a liquid N2 or CO2 cooling system. Cooling ensures viscosity and plasticity, which helps and strengthens forming, thus maintaining the product shape during further processing. In addition, cooling reduces development of bacteria and prolongs the storage period of the mixed product.


The mixer can be equipped with the following options:





Total capacity180 L
Max filling135 L
Installed power2.4 kW
Loader optionPZ-2/250
Column loader power0.75 kW
Standard controlButton control panel
Shaft rotation speed
Shaft rotation speed30/60 rpm
II rotation speed & left/right rotation
Construction, weights & dimensions
Mixer net weight388 kg
ConstructionBody and shafts constructed from 100% stainless steel
DimensionsSee dimensional drawing
Unloading to bin DIN 9797200 L
[option 120 L ]
Opening/closing lidsManually



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