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IOPAK Rotary Valve Piston Filler with Hopper GCGA 1000 HR

This new unit is suitable for liquids, pastes and creams such as cold cream, yogurt, soups, honey, fruit puree, etc. It has a fill range of approximately 250ml -1,000ml. Accuracy is +- 1%.The filling cycle is initiated by a foot operated pedal.

It features an infeed hopper, rotary valve assembly, positive shut off valve, volume adjustment. It is designed for table top mounting and can also be used as an in-line filler. Construction is of Stainless Steel and the control system is electro/pneumatic.
Air Supply Requirement: 3.5 Kgf/cm²
(50 PSI or 350 KPa)
Air Consumption: 5.7ft³/min
Electric Supply - 240V AC single phase).
Model:GCGA 1000 HR
Size/Capacity:100ml -1,000ml
Stock Number:FILL8415G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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