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ITALGI P35A Pasta Machine (with cabinet dryer)

The P35A is a new pasta machine suitable for pasta shops, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, big communities and supermarkets; its visual appeal ensures a customer friendly reception.

The machine produces many different shapes and sizes of fresh pasta like spaghetti, bucatini, fusilli, macaroni, and tagliatelle. With a special die it also makes penne or pasta sheets for lasagne.

Technical Details:
Capacity: Up to 55 kg/hr (Product Dependent)
Mixing Hopper Capacity: 10kg
Electric Consumption: 2.1 kW

This stainless steel machine is very easy to use and service, thanks to the simple and reliable mechanics and the compact electronic panel.

The absence of grooves where food residuals can hide make it very quick to clean. The extrusion pipe is water-cooled to lower the heat generated by pressure; a stainless steel propeller at the end of the worm gear optimizes pressure inside the extruder.

For user safety, every potentially harmful part of the machine has suitable safety protection. The machine comes with a built in cabinet dryer to dry product which might prove too wet.

The machine is available in 400 Volts three phase, 50Hz.

The standard equipment includes the electronic cutter for short pasta (like fusilli, gnocchetti, macaroni.), a stainless steel trolley and a fan for superficial drying of pasta.

The P35A can be used together with the ITALGI range of ravioli machines.

Dimensions: 1140 x 580 x 1320 mm (L x W x H)

Change parts for different types of pasta range from $700 for standard dies to $2,000 for the penne die with cutter.
Size/Capacity:Capacity: Up to 55 kg/hr (Product Dependent)
Stock Number:FOOD7513G
Condition:Brand New

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