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KOBIRD Dual Encruster/Extruder SPM-438

YUM! MUESLI BARS WITH SOFT FILLINGS!This dual lane encrusting machine was used to manufacture a long confectionery type product with a soft inner filling similar to extruded muesli bars.

It is a simple yet sophisticated machine, which also includes the guillotine. The main body of the machine is fitted with four hoppers. One for the inner filling - and one for the outer casing. There are also two further hoppers for dry products. A dusting hopper as well as a sprinkling hopper for non pareils etc.

Perfect for doughnuts, dumplings, marshmallows, sticky rice ice cream, rice cake balls, gum drops, soft candies or any variety of encrusted delicacies. Spherical shaping, stick shaping, continuous bar extrusion are of course possible if desired tooling is purchased from the manufacturers.

The infeed/supply hoppers are fitted with augers which force and form the primary consisting of the softer inner filling and the firmer outer filling materials into two separate and continuous (sausage roll type) lanes of product of 32mm outer ID. One of the hoppers is lined with a special non stick liner.

Product weight: 3 - 80g
Product output: 4,800 - 17,000pcs/hour product and size dependent).

Speeds dependant upon products manufactured.
Hopper volume: 28 Litres (Outer) 24 Litres (Inner).

The extruded, filled product is deposited on a conveyor fitted with a guillotine. The continuous extrusion is converted into a dual stream of individual portions at the guillotine.
Size/Capacity:3 - 80g
Stock Number:BAKE6505S
Serial Number:9115

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