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APV Fruit or Ingredient Feeder NA

The mobile unit is suitable for blending fruit into pastes such as yoghurt, cake batters, fondues etc.
Fruit is manually fed into the upper hopper and forced into the lower pipework via an enclosed rotating hub mounted below the hopper, whilst the primary liquid is pumped into a 2" (50mm) entry to the pipework. The resultant blend then passes into a stirred hopper to provide a uniform final blend of material.
It is pumped out through a 60mm outlet pipe.
Footprint - Width 600mm : Depth 1140mm
Height - 1500mm
Electrics: SEW 220/242/380/420. 1.5kW, geared down to 1430/81 rpm
Size/Capacity:Product, speed and fruit size dependent
Stock Number:DAIR20050S
Serial Number:NA

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