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Gram Fruit or Ingredient Feeder (Various spare augers) NFS 1000-S

The sky is the limit for your ice cream product. You can add virtually any kind of ingredient to your product.

With an Ingredient feeder from Gram Equipment to mix the ice cream together with your Ingredients, you can add delicious pieces of nuts, fruit or perhaps syrups to your product, making it even better.

Ingredient Feeders are designed to provide controlled insertion of any ingredient in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and forms into a continuous flowing stream of base product such as ice cream, peanut butter or pancake batter.or dosing different types of dry and semi liquid inclusions into ice cream.

The ingredient feeder is a manually controlled and compact, versatile unit.

The versatility of this ingredient feeder extends over a wide range of both dry and soft ingredients, as well as those with special large sizes.

Dynamic single speeded after mixer
CIP cleanable
Frequency controlled gear drives of feed pump and auger/agitator
Variable ratio of feed pump and auger/agitator
Manually controlled
Wheels for easy positioning
Replaceable augers and agitator
Fitted with K-TRON SODER Gravity weigh system
This machine resembles the GRAM IF-2000 a more recent model
Model:NFS 1000-S
Size/Capacity:Product, speed and fruit size dependent
Stock Number:DAIR20049S
Serial Number:NA

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