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Ulma Thermoformer with Makum Piston Filler TF-Supra 3600

This ULMA TF-SUPRA 3600 Thermoformer plus MAKUM Filler was filling avocado pulp /guacamole into ONAFOL GA PA/PE Bottom Film and PET/X/PE Upper film containers.

The Thermoformer is fitted with a MAKUM VF/SP - E-1P-1M Electronic Piston fillers with a 15 litre capacity hopper.

It is suitable for filling sauces containing soft particulates up to 30 mm in diameter into the trays

The motion of the pistons is controlled through an electronic servo-motor, which gives very precise filling.No tray- no fill, product sensor levels
Tray Material PP

Product 1
Pocket Measurement:~178,5 x 130 x 80mm H
Pockets/Cycle: 2 x 1
Bottom Film: 420mm
Bottom Film Thickness (microns) 240

Product 2 ~ 373 x 280 x 130 mm H
Pockets/Cycle: 2 x 2
Bottom Film: 420mm
Bottom Film Thickness (microns) 240

Details from manuals. Upgrades might have taken place since manufacture.
Model:TF-Supra 3600
Size/Capacity:Product and tray size dependent
Stock Number:PVAC19966S
Serial Number:307-1480

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