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Ishida CCW-R-214WB-S/15-WP-SH Screwfeed Multihead (14) Weigher with Conveyor

This ISHIDA (Model -CCW-R-214WB-S/15-WP-SH) Screwfeed Multihead (14) Weigher is a useful machine for wet foods such as cubed meat, gizzards, livers, wet salads etc.

Scraper gate type hoppers made of POM plastic material prevent highly sticky products from getting stuck to the inside of hoppers.
More hygienic, less complex. Products entering the machine flow smoothly to the screwfeeders thanks to the elimination of potential trapping points. The key is a new shape at the top that is easy to remove and clean, with no complex clips or elaborate roller systems.
Livers/Gizzard: Target weight : 200 g Expected speed : 50 WPM (taken from pdf Screwfeed Multihead attached)
This machine is also fitted with an inclined conveyor for feeding product to a packing station.

Standard Machine CCW-R-214W without screwfeed - see attached pdf
Weighing Capacity/ Range (per single dump) up to 500g
Weighing Accuracy (MAX)*X < 0.5g ~ 1.0g
Weighing Capacity/ Range (per single dump) up to 1,000g
Weighing Accuracy (MAX)*g X < 1.0g ~ 2.0g
Maximum Volume for Weighing(per single dump) 2 litres
Weighing Speed (MAX)**160 WPM/180 WPM( conditions apply)
Minimum Graduation - 0.1 g 0.2 g
Touch Screen Display (RCU 12.1" TFT Color LCD
12.1" TFT Colour LCD
Double-beam strain gauge load cell
Product surfaces are made of stainless steel
or other sanitary materials.

Year of manufacture 2008.
Size/Capacity:Livers/Gizzard: Target weight : 200 g Expected speed : 50 WPM

Stock Number:SCAL19684S
Serial Number:53001

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