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SENIUS Food Equipment Direct Fired Oven DirFO

Description and data
The versatile and flexible concept of this Direct Gas Fired oven is the right solution for products that require the direct and moist heat transfer inside the baking chamber.

This oven concept is specifically chosen for running high temperatures inside the baking chamber.

The oven is equipped with multiple zones, and each zone consist of a number of 2m. long section.
All burners can be seperately switched on and off, and each baking zone can be regulated seperately.

The baking belt is chosen with respect to the desired baking methode and the desired pattern on the backside of the product.

Products are baked directly on the solid or woven wire mesh baking belt or on baking trays that are transported through the oven on an open wire mesh belt.

Baking width from 800 to 3500mm. are available.
Zone length are from 4 to 16m.
Total oven length up to 100m.

The ribbon burners are using gas as energy source.

​Working principle - Direct Gas Fired Oven
​The working principle is gas ribbon burners fitted directly into the baking chamber.
​Various burner types makes it possible to make a unique baking profile for every product.
The burner controls are split in top and bottom heat and in more zones.​

Baking Conveyors
​Almost any thinkable baking conveyor can be integrated into the concept of SENIUS ovens.
​Woven wire mesh belts in any belt width.
Wire mesh belts in any width.
OGB eyelink belts in any width.
Flat wire belts.
To save energy for heating up the baking belt, the return belt can run through the lower part of the baking chamber if desired.

The large unique sanitation door is opened in seconds by a one hand operation.
Each oven section have minimum one door on the front or back side.
Due to a unique spring operated inner door the sanitation door is fully sealed towards the inner baking chamber and there is no heat escaping or radiating to the outer covers of the oven.
Wash down / USDA ovens are available with the required stainless steel inside the oven and with sloped oven bottom with drainage.

The SENIUS oven concept is based on oven modules of 2m. length, no matter what the baking width is.
All oven modules will fit on a regular trailer for land transport or in a regular container for ocean shipments.
This very flexible concept allows the installation time to be very short, as moving and erecting the sections is a simple operation.

All ovens are FAT tested in our factory prior to shipments, which means that the initial testing and starting up is done in only few days.

Our normal installation time goes from one week to maximum three weeks, depending on the length of the oven.
​A Variety of optional solutions are available.
Seperate belt brushes
Equalizing roller unit

Jet air coolers
Separate conveyors in many variations
Product top brushes
Belt cleaningbrushes
Heat recycling equipment

​Complementary Equipment
SENIUS supply dough feeding equipment for the supply of proper and uniform amount of various dough types for dough forming equipment.
Dough feeders are available from 800 to 1500mm. in width.
Loaders and retracting equipment
Conveyors in many variations
Cooling tunnels


Size/Capacity:Baking width from 800 to 3500mm. are available.
Zone length are from 4 to 16m.
Total oven length up to 100m.
Stock Number:OVEN19277G
Condition:Brand New

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