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TOKUSHU KIKA KOGYO Pilot Plant (Self Heating, Vacuum Mixer/Emulsifier etc) HV-SL

This unit is a full pilot process plant. It comprises many items amongst which are:
* Control panel and starter.
* Oil phase - Self heated for delivering oil at pre-determined temperature to the vacuum homogenizing vessel.
* Pump to deliver oil to jacket of vacuum vessel
* Vacuum pump to pull vacuum in vacuum vessel
* Vacuum vessel fitted with the following items:
Homogenizer: kW: 0.55,Hz: 60,Amps: 11.5
Revs per Minute: 1000 - 9000
Paddle Mixer/Scraper :kW: 0.4, Hz: 60, Amps: 2
Revs per Minute:0 - 32

Unit is skid mounted
All contacts fabricated of highly polished s/s
Lid and homogenizer as well the the scraper mixer can be lifted clear for cleaning.
Size/Capacity:Holding tank working capacity approx 15 Litres
Homogenizing bowl working capacity approx 10 Litres
Stock Number:HOMO17148S
Serial Number:863012

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