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WINKELMANN Asynchronous motor for frequency inverter operation GNF 132.16 M/Z

Sample applications:

- Extruders
- Retrofit for existing plants with a direct current drive
- Textile machines

Areas of application:

- These 3-phase asynchronous motors can be used in all areas in which the protection class from IP 44 to IP 55 is required. The cooling air is fed through the motor by radial forced ventilation in order to transport the dissipated heat from the interior of the motor to the outside. The air stream does not touch the motor coil, which is housed separately. Cooling capacity is independent of the motor speed.
- Depending on the specific use, the drives can be equipped with a brake, engine speed sensor or gearbox as well as various monitoring devices.
Model:GNF 132.16 M/Z
Size/Capacity:35kW, 480V
Stock Number:MISC14814S

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