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Gorreri Volumetric Depositing Machine (decorating etc) DVG 500 ECO

The GORRERI DVG 500 ECO depositor is a truly magnificent machine, designed specifically for the bakery industry, although it handles many types of viscous products. Our customers are delighted that just 4 quick steps dismantle the machine for sanitizing.

It is made of stainless steel AISI 304, with a structure assembled on wheels and with an adjustable foot to fix it to the floor during operation.
Production output: up to 40 cycles/min product and volume depending.

Weight: 100 Kg
Working Pressure: 6 bar
Air consumption: 150Ni/min 6 bar

The head moves vertically to easy the product charge.

The head is composed of:
- Valve body of stainless steel AISI 304
- Valve made of alimentary plastic material
- Dosage cylinders easily interchangeable and are made of stainless steel
- Dosage piston made of alimentary plastic with special seals
- Charge hopper made of stainless steel AISI 304 with capacity 40 L

Adjustment of the production output is via a manually operated wheel which has a graduated scale. Pneumatic circuit integrated in the structure.

Interchangeable components and optional:
- Dosage cylinderΦ30 with piston
- Dosage cylinderΦ60 with piston
- Dosage cylinderΦ80 with piston
- Vertical movement for the shower distributor
- Shower distributor, several shapes
- Dosage piston with flexible pipe
- Small openings with different diameter
- Injection needles in several types and dimensions

- The machine is pneumatically operated.
- The operator gives the machine an input that starts the dosage cycles.
- The doser is a volumetric type.
- The product quantity to be dosed is adjustable by a wheel with graduated indicator.
- The machine works with two cycle types :
1) Dosage
2) Decoration
In case 1 the machine does a complete cycle after the manual input
In case 2 the machine starts the cycle by manual control and stops when the control is released.

The whole machine lowers down to the ground, so that the hopper can be filled, and then the pneumatic cylinder returns the hopper to the working position.


Rigid Connection System with Vertical Movement $2,900 plus GST
Shower Distributor Up to 220mm Diameter
$1,750 plus GST
Shower Distributor Over 220mm Diameter
$2,000 plus GST
Flexible Hose with Dosage Gun
$2,350 plus GST

Please note prices are ex works Dandenong (Melbourne) and are subject to currency fluctuations and transport costs from Italy.

The price of the options is valid if ordered with the machine. If ordered separately, an additional transport cost from Italy is applicable.

Model:DVG 500 ECO
Size/Capacity:Production output: up to 40 cycles/min.
Working Pressure: 6 bar
Air consumption : 150Ni/min 6 bar
Stock Number:FILL14382G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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