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Gorreri Pre-Mixer+Continuous Aerator+Turbo Emulsifier (all in one) VERTIMIX GMG 300

The mixing assembly GMG 300 is a point of reference for the new generation of continuous mixers for aerated soft dough (such as sponge cake, plum cake, muffins, whipped and dairy creams).

The innovative VERTIMIX head is an example of its technology.

The GMG300 is a very compact and versatile machine. Just ONE MACHINE includes:

1) The ingredients pre-mixer
2) The storage Tank
3) The Vertical head turbo emulsifier with innovative VERTIMIX technology.

The compact footprint of the VERTIMIX together with its advanced design technology plus the superb quality of the aerated product it produces, make it the ideal machine to satisfy the most stringent technical and production requirements.

The pre-mix tank with its hemispherical mixing chamber, plus the unique shovel shape of the mixer arms ensure the optimum ingredient mix.

The VERTICAL MIXER HEAD (not horizontal, as is usually the case)improves the homogenisation of the product thereby creating very low density values with the various dough typologies.

The machine is equipped with a PLC & Touch Screen and integrated electric cabinet and control panel lodge on a swinging arm.

Price quoted is ex Italy.
Size/Capacity:Pre-Mixer Capacity: 70L
Pre-Mixer Workable Volume: 40L
(VERTIMIX GMG 300L has a working capacity of 70L)
Stock Number:BAKE14091G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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