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Pfaudler Rotary Piston Filler RP-306RH

The Pfaudler Rotary Piston Filler, is an efficient and simple filler for filling viscous liquid products.
This rotary unit has a 6 head filling turret which is fed by a 300mm Dia x 440mm Deep central feed tank.

The feed tank is fitted with a treble head conductivity probe, and all wetted parts of the system are stainless steel or teflon.

The base mount is of cast material and a 415V 3 Phase Electric motor drives vis a mechanical speed variator (Reeves Style) to the main driving shaft.
A 20A, 415V, 3 Phase with Neutral electrical supply is required.
Size/Capacity:180 cans/min max (product & size dependent) Max fill 500cc
Stock Number:FILL12102S
Serial Number:VC-5 FAM

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