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CHANG SUNG MACHINERY Air Knife and High Blower (s/s food grade unit)

This s/ Air Knife System was used in the bottling industry. It is was fitted with a 150mm wide belt (which will be replaced). An air knife is a slotted air manifold used to discharge a high-velocity curtain of air for drying or cleaning conveyorized product. An air knife system consists of a blower, air knives, and accessories Blower details: SUPER VORTEX Blower (3 phase) Hz output -...

IOPAK Automatic Gripper Rinser

Capacity: 30 - 100 bpm Bottle Diameter: 50 - 100 mm Bottle Height: 80 - 230 mm Water Pressure: 0.2 - 0.4 MPa Gas Pressure: 0.3 - 0.4 MPa Water Consumption: 1,250kg/h Motor Power: 3.87 kW Dimension: 3,800 × 1,400 × 1,780 mm...