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PHOENIX Double Drum Dryer

This Atmospheric Double Drum Dryer was used in the Food/Neutraceutical Industry. Atmospheric Double Drum Dryers Applications Indirect drying no product contact with heating medium. Products that will adhere to heated surfaces Products that can be compressed Heat sensitive as well as non-heat sensitive products Solvent removal Homogeneous products Continuous operation All process...

IOPAK Fluid Bed Dryer

The IOPAK GFGQ -300 Fluid Bed Dryer has many uses within the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and is simple to operate and clean. Fluid bed drying and processing enable the transformation from wet powder into dry powder, and powder into agglomerates and granulates. It can dry, cool, agglomerate, and granulate many products such as : Food & Dairy, Chemical,Cosmetics & Plastics. Ba...