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DeHuTech Dessicant Dehumidifier

Type DehuTech 450 DehuTech™ desiccant (adsorption) dehumidifiers are developed, designed and produced to meet the highest demands for high capacity, low energy consumption, reliability and simple maintenance. All desiccant dehumidifiers are fitted with a high performance adsorption rotor that is washable, incombustible, chemically inert and mechanically stable. Dry air flow (m3/h) 450 Depth 50...

IOPAK Fluid Bed Dryer

The IOPAK GFGQ -300 Fluid Bed Dryer has many uses within the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and is simple to operate and clean. Fluid bed drying and processing enable the transformation from wet powder into dry powder, and powder into agglomerates and granulates. It can dry, cool, agglomerate, and granulate many products such as : Food & Dairy, Chemical,Cosmetics & Plastics. Ba...