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IOPAK ioWOK500 NEW GAS-FIRED WOK (tilting, planetary mixer/scraper with 3 scraper arms)

The all new amazing ioWOK500 is the only wok you will need! Imagine a giant bratpan (but with a far better shape) with great ease of handling - no manual stirring either!

It will change the way your food tastes from just ordinary to fresh, chef prepared gourmet delights.

Some of its many features:
Working capacity of 350 litres
Mixer arm which is hydraulically raised to eject all product contents. A clear smooth wok bottom makes sanitation an easy process.
Centrally mounted heat sensor for precise monitoring
Load cells
Variable speed mixing
Touch screen control with recipe selection
Full stainless steel construction
Able to run on bottled or natural gas
Gas Consumption: 600MJ/hr
Agitating Motor: 1.1kW
Hydraulic Motor: 1.5kW
Pouring spout.

The ioWOK500 is a dream to work with because you can now achieve the same constant delicious results for large batches.

If you need to cook, blanch, mix, stir-fry, evaporate, reduce, brown, sauté or confit you need the ioWK500.

Here are just some of the items which can be cooked:
Peanut Brittle
Milk type confectionery
Date or fruit fillings
Jams and Spreads
Stir Fries
Fried Rice etc.
Sauces and Soups

Please see this Youtube link:

Size/Capacity:500L (overall with 350L cooking capacity- product dependant)
Stock Number:COOK15621G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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