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FUJI FFS550 Race Track Marshalling System

This micro computer controlled loop style bucket conveyor has the ability to handle flow rate fluctuations so that product can be accepted at a random flow rate and discharged at a constant rate for maximum capacity, and automating between two pieces of equipment.
The machine was previously used for marshalling flow wrapped) biscuit bar type products from single lane to 10 lane wide blocks in preparation for a wrap around box forming operation. The individual bucket size of the system is 245mm L x 28mm W x 28mm D. The infeed conveyor is arranged to twist the incoming product through 90 degrees whilst approaching the buckets.
A touch screen operator interface forms the control panel of the machine.
Footprint - Width 2245mm : Depth 1600mm.
Height - 1540mm
Mounted on Jacking Screws.
Size/Capacity:Approx. 400 units/minute
Stock Number:PHFF8855S

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