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OLD RIVERS FVR-8 -175 Rotary Chamber Vacuum Packer (8 chambers)

This rotary "Octopus" vacuum packer works continuously and is used to vacuum pack perishables such as meat and cheese. It consists of 8 rotating chambers which automatically vacuum, heat seal and discharge the products up to 70ppm. Together with a high barrier packaging material, the increased vacuum level production by the chambers will extend the shelf life of the packaged products.
Normal output: 30 ~ 70 packets/min.
Maximum Product Height : 50mm.
Seal to bottom Length : 375mm
Seal Length : 8 x 175mm.
Vacuum Pumps: 2 x BUSCH R5- 0160 [supplied with the machine.]
Weight 1800kg (including vacuum pumps)
Model:FVR-8 -175
Size/Capacity:30 to 70 Packs/Minute
Stock Number:PVAC6170S
Serial Number:0710094

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