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Ishida NES-202WT-3/AZ-2H SUS Linear Weigher with Stand, Bucket Elevator with Vibratory Feeder

This system consists of the following items:
- Linear Weigher
- Stand
- Bucket Elevator
- VIbratory Feeder

ISHIDA NES-202WT 4 Head Weigher with Metal Detector, Stand and Conveyor, bucket elevator with vibratory infeed.
Weigh Range: Max 1,000 gms
Weigh Volume: Max 3,000 cc
Capacity: Max 15 weighs/min
Accuracy: X=0.5 gms
Minimum Display: 0.1 gms
Model:NES-202WT-3/AZ-2H SUS
Stock Number:COMP19412S

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