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Nomura S2 Extruder (small with 2 extruding heads)

This simple NOMURA S2 single screw extruder is designed for small scale production or lab type applications. It does not have heating or cooling facilities on the barrel. Lab applications could be tested to determine feasability for processing on a larger scale.
Auger ID: 35mm
Fitted with wire cutter blade
Solids Applications
Pelletize powder additives to improve their bulk density and allow for improved subsequent processing
Create spherical pellets to achieve your controlled release needs
Achieve better dosing with easier to handle pelletized form from powders
Develop an improved pelletized form of instant soup, beverage, or sweetener that flows better out of packaging and quickly disperses in water
Allow for a greater shelf life of flavors and enzymes with a pelletized form
Provide a dust free, easier to handle form of a powder that is more attractive to consumers
Obtain better product consistency
Eliminate issues with bridging or flow of difficult to feed material
Benefit from formulation and technical support from process experts
Size/Capacity:Product dependent.
Auger ID: 35mm
Stock Number:FOOD19230S
Serial Number:850001K

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