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KOMACK OKL-1000 3P Sachet Packer

This particular KOMACK model has an excellent track record of stable performance.

It has a 3 stage rolling system (1st stage/roll for heating vertical seal, 2nd for heating horizontal seal and the 3rd for re-pressing and cooling the horizontal seal) It ensures almost perfect sealing stability.
Filling Product: Liquid and paste
Pouch Pattern: 3 side and 4 side seal (single and twin)

Packaging Capacity:
20 - 140 sachets/min (with print registration)
20 - 300 sachets/min (wall paper design)Filling Capacity: 1-100cc (product and pump dependant)
Pouch Height Range: 30 - 150mm (by changing rolls)
Pouch Width: 25-100mm (4 sided seal)
Applicable Film Width: 50 - 200mm
Max Roll Diameter: 400mm
Power Consumption:
Motor - 0.75kW, Heaters: 0.6kW x 4, for basic machine plus pump and optional items.
Model:OKL-1000 3P
Size/Capacity:20 - 140 sachets/min (with print registration)
20 - 300 sachets/min (wall paper design)
Stock Number:PVFF16175S
Serial Number:0-9509062

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