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IOPAK CF 508 Fully Automatic Continuous Fryer with hold-down belt (Gas Fired)

Technical Specifications:
Machine Size: L7000 W1200 H2500/ mm
Frying Size: L5500 W600 H850/ mm
Frying Conveyor (with hold down belt):1HP
Hood lifting motor: 1HP
Filter System : 2HP
Holding Capacity of Oil Tank: Approx. 800 Ltr

1. Gas Fired burner attached to internal heat pipe
2. The whole machine is made of stainless steel
3. The fry tank can be elevated by motor for cleaning
4. The filter system can filter oil dregs and particulates automatically (waterwheel-type)
5. Fry speed and temperature can be adjusted
6. Fuel is natural gas. Fully compliant to Australian Gas Standards
7. Machine comes with auto flame failure protection. If the pilot light goes out the gas automatically switches off
8. The proper fuel-air ratio averts air deficient or over-burning
9. Machine supplied with 2 pumps, 1 for oil recirculating within the tank and an external pump to pump to oil storage when cleaning the fryer.

Compliant to Australian gas regulation, but onsite gas certification needs to be arranged by customer.

Final price is subject to confirmation of project scope.
Model:CF 508
Size/Capacity:Machine Size: L7000 W1200 H2500/ mm
Frying Size: L5500 W600 H850/ mm
Stock Number:COOK15573G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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