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IOPAK GF-6/RC-1 Salad Dressing Filling & Capping System

Line consists of the following equipment:

Dimensions: 800 L x 700 W mm

Washing Method: Air

Speed Adjustment: via HMI on Filler

<6 Head Gear Pump Filler with Conveyor GF-6>
Speed: 35 bottles/min
Fill Volume: 125 mL
Liquid Contact Part: SUS316
Material Constructions: SUS304
Included Accessories:
- Bottom Up Fill
- Positive Shut Off Nozzle
- Bottle Gating System
- No Bottle, No Fill Mechanism

Speed: 35 caps/min (Product Dependent)
Included Accessories:
- Cap Elevator
- Cap Feeding Speed Adjustment
- Auto Cap Orientation & Placement
- No Cap, Auto Stop
- Level Sensor inside Cap Hopper
- Cap Height Adjustment
- No Bottle, No Cap = Auto Stop

<1m Diameter Bottle Accumulating Table>
VSD: Included
Size/Capacity:Speed: 35 bottles/min
Fill Volume: 125 mL
Stock Number:COMP15340G
Serial Number:G Custom
Condition:Brand New

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