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IOPAK EMULSYS 1000 Multi-purpose blending & emulsifying plant

Multi-purpose blending & emulsifying plant
The IOPAK Emulsys 1000 multi-purpose system is designed for blending and emulsifying. It makes exceptional mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, lotions and creams.
Most of you know that oil and water do not mix, so this type of system is used when you wish to mix two or more components (most often oil and/or water based) to obtain the finest possible droplet size. This is achieved by means of the rotor-stator 3 stage colloid mill which uses expansion, shearing and high turbulence to create the fast transfer of emulsified molecules onto newly formed surfaces.
The IOPAK Emulsys 1000 described here is a standard plant which consists of a completely integrated unit, however we can supply one more specifically designed for your products (see optional extras)
What does it consist of?
- Conical blending hopper or tank with contra- rotating, side scraping arms. Speed variation allows for start-up load and the first stage of blending. (1000 Lt)
- Tri -Lobe pump (This pumps product to the emulsifier (a 3-way diversion valve enables product to be recirculated back into the blending hopper or directly to the holding tank prior to filling.
- -Colloid mill. This is fitted with three sets of stators, rotors (or impellers) and chambers.
- Simple s/s touch screen control panel ( new models only)
- Skid (SUS 304). Machines all mounted on single base for ease of transport
- -Assorted s/s piping and valves relevant to skid mounted plant. Extra pipework and valves not included.

- Steep conical mixing vessel allows for efficient mix and drainage
- Multi - purpose blending unit can be used to obtain a simple blend by using only the conical mixing vessel with variable speed stirring arms. Product can thus be pumped directly into the storage tank, bypassing the emulsifying section.
- Variable speed servo-drives on stirrers and pumps enable the unit to restart on a full load should there be a power failure or production glitch.
- Simple easily-cleaned transportable unit can be moved to different locations.
- Use the complete unit including the 3 stage colloid mill to achieve a more complex glossy mayonnaise or cream.
- 3-stage, in-line colloid mill( fitted with a 15kW motor) emulsifies very swiftly and efficiently
- Simple, user- friendly touch screen ( included in options only, otherwise mechanical controls on panel)
- Full SUS 304 construction of all items including the skid. (except motors )
- System cleaned in line or easily demountable.
- 4" (100mm nominal) bottom outlet pneumatic ball valve(ball, plug or butterfly type can be fitted)
- Three -way diversion valve allows you to choose the type of cycle or process you prefer.
Effective Volume: 1000L
Total Volume: 1430 Lt
Material: SUS 304. Thickness 4 mm
Mixing Vessel - 80 degree angled cone
Contra- Rotating Mixer: 15kW - 49 rpm
Scrape Sided Mixer: 3 Kw- 29rpm
4 inch pneumatically controlled ball valve - Triclover Fitting
Two off 31mm, CIP Balls (cleaning in place)
One off 38 mm Water Inlet
This unit includes 2 lids, 2 safety grids and 4 legs
- - Electrical Control Box, 3 x Inverters, ON/OFF Buttons, Safety Interlock
- Different size/capacity unit specifically designed for your needs
- Auto oil bleed-in/controlled pump rate
- Jacketed vessel for heating or cooling
- Direct steam injection
- Hopper on load cells
- Touch screen recipe control.
- Gull Wing Lobe pump for chunky products
- SUS 316 construction instead of SUS 304
- 4" (100mm nominal) bottom outlet pneumatic valve(ball, plug or butterfly type can be fitted)
Model:EMULSYS 1000
Size/Capacity:- Effective Volume: 1,000 Lt
- Total Volume: 1,430 Lt
Stock Number:COMP14460G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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