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IOPAK 500 MODULE Jacketed 500L Cooker Module (Contra Rotating) 316

A THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED NEW COOKER/COOLER SYSTEM FROM PROCESS PLANT NETWORK. Our engineers have documented your needs for many years and have designed a brand new modular cooker (or cooler - or both) modular system which comprises most of your wish lists. GOOD QUALITY AT A BUDGET WITH EASE OF OPERATION.
This newly designed IOPAK Cooker/Cooler (or both) consists of 1 x 500L s/s, jacketed cooker fitted with a contra-rotating scraped surface mixing arm, 1 x 2" rotary lobe pump and 1 x integrated control box with piping - all skid-mounted on a stainless steel platform.
This module will be best suited for sauces etc (an emulsifier is an optional extra in this model)
<500L S/S Jacketed Contra-Rotating Cooker>
Product Outlet Diameter: 3" (including an air actuated discharge valve)
A swept surface (Teflon tipped) stirrer is top and bottom bearing supported and direct driven by a 2.2kW, 29rpm, 415V AC, Three Phase gear motor.
An additional contra - rotating centrally mounted agitator is fitted with a 0.75kW, 49 rpm gearmotor.
A digital (- 20 to 150 deg C ) temperature indicator indicates the temperature of the tank contents.
Design Pressure (WP) : 300 KPa
Test Pressure (HTP} : 450 KPa
Design Temperature ( DT) :135 deg C (max 150 deg C)

Code: AS1210 Class 3
VWA: V0420425
Internal Diameter - 1100 mm
Internal Depth - 750mm
Outer Diameter 1250mm
Lid height above floor - 1400mm
Outlet Height above floor - 560mm
Overall Height - 2250mm
Jacket inlet & outlet ports 25mm diameter
Material of Construction - 316 s/s (inner) 304 s/s (outer)
Wall Thickness: 4mm inside wall, 1.6mm jacketed wall

This BRAND NEW rotary lobe pump comes with an ABB motor and a control panel.
The specification of the pump is as follows:
[Lobe Pump]
Flow: 5600 - 11000 litres / hr. (subject to product and head)
Pressure: 5 Bar
Power: 5.5kW
Speed: 500RPM

[ABB Motor - IEC34-1]
Size: 5.5kW
Voltage: 415V
Amp: 12.1A
Frequency: 50Hz
Other: IP55 Rated, 52.5Nm
This model comes with a stainless steel shrouding and a speed controller (inverter)

The module is mounted on a fully stainless steel skid with stainless steel control panel

* Recommended Oil: TORA 220 or equivalent (if the gearbox is 7 years old or more, TORA 320 or equivalent)
Model:500 MODULE
Size/Capacity:Working capacity: 500L (product dependent)
Overall Capacity: 700L
Internal Diameter - 1100 mm
Internal Depth - 750mm
Stock Number:COOK14038G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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