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IOPAK IWS-600,AC-6B14-2B-1Y Complete Weighing & Bagmaking Packaging Line

This stainless steel IOPAK complete weighing, bagmaking and packaging line has proved a very popular choice for food (or chemical) manufacturers and contract packers.
-The complete line is fabricated in stainless steel (including the platform) thus facilitating good hygienic practice.
- It is VERY reasonably priced compared to most other systems.
- PPN installs and commissions the line (conditions apply, speak to PPN)
There are a great many options available and PPN will gladly assist with your particular needs. This line comprises the standard items usually requested. PPN can also supply new or used conveyors, cartoning and taping machinery.

This brand new Z shaped bucket elevator feeds the product into the weighing system. It includes a smaller vibratory feeder. It is suitable for conveying/feeding the following:
Potato slices and chips, salads, raisins, oatmeal, candy, peanuts, walnut kernels, apricot kernels, popped food, sugar, jelly, frozen dumplings, meatballs, dry powders, salt etc.

It has a horizontal infeed section 700mm long with a 400mm x 300mm feed entry set at 480mm above floor level. The infeed is fitted with a vibratory feeder.

Horizontal conveying distance is 3400mm and the discharge height is 3670mm.
Internal Bucket Dims : 380mm L x 115mm W x 65mm D

IOPAK ACCESS PLATFORM( NEW stainless steel & aluminium)
This brand new stainless steel & aluminium access platform is used for lighter duties. It is generally used to support a weigh scale or filling mechanism above a VFFS or a pouch packing machine.
Material: Stainless steel and Aluminum. Complete with access ladder
Dimensions: 2,240 (L) x 2,240 (W) x 3,300 (H)mm
Working Height: 2,100mm

IOPAK 14 HEAD 2G WEIGHER with 7" Touch Screen (dimple plated or conventional â€âœdepending on your product)
Model: AC-6B14-2B-1Y
- Digital Sensors to enhance speed, precision and anti-jamming capabilities
- Frame with IP65 protection
- Statistical data can be shown on screen (and via optional printer output)
- Dimple plate on all product-contact surface, overweight discharge equipment, timing hopper different direction discharge switch and printer are available as option
Weigh Range: 7-3,000g
Accuracy: +-0.3-1g
Speed: Up to 120 bags/min (product dependent)
Structure: Stainless Steel
Preliminary Program: 99 sets
Power: 2,000W
- Dry and processed food, fresh food (snacks, seeds, coffee beans/granules, tea, sugar, confectionery, nuts, dried fruit etc)
- Non-food (bolts, electrical and plumbing parts etc)

IOPAK NEW S/S VFFS (Servo Driven) Bag making Machine with date coder & forming shoulder
Model: IWS-600
Details: [Specifications]
25-70 packs/min (Product Dependent)
Bag Dimensions: 70-250 (W) x 100-350 (L) mm
Air Supply: 6kg/cm2, 2.5m3/min
Weight: 850kg
Physical Dimensions: 1430mm x 1200mm W x 1500mmL
Power: 220V, 3KW
Film Diameter: Max 400mm
Application: Powder, Granules, confectionery, dried fruit, snacks, coffee, etc
Pouch Type: Pillow Pack, Gusset (Hole Punch also available)
The touch-sensitive screen can display operational statistics, instructions and fault finding.

The internationally used Japanese made Programmable Controller can handle & store up to 100 sets of working configurations in the machine. PPNâ€â"¢s Engineer can control and adjust your machine for long range.

The machine is provided with well-versed AC servo motor technology on the film feed draw belt, resulting in creating smooth operation and higher speed.

On-line adjustments of sealing position, cutting position etc can be easily made on the touch-sensitive screen.
The automatic temperature controller is used to maintain the working temperature within a deviation of sealing degree centigrade. In addition, a tooth-shaped sealing device is used to ensure firm sealing.
Alarm equipment alerts the operator to material malfunction, unsecured guarding, film run out etc

This inclined offtake conveyor features stainless steel construction, a food grade plastic intralox cleat belt, and is mounted on 2 x swivel & 2 x lockable castors to provide portability.
A 400mm long flat infeed section precedes the incline and is set at 200mm above floor level. The discharge is at 960mm height above floor level.
Cleat Pitch - 330mm
Power Source - 240V, Single-phase, 50Hz TEFC 1200 (Input) RPM, 0.2KW, Gearmotor direct coupled to the header pulley.
Physical Dimensions: 1400mm L x 490mm W x 1000mm H

There are a great many options available. Here are just a few:
Anti-static device
Auger Tooling
Bag Squeezer
Carton Taper
Forming Shoulders
Heavy Bag Support
VFFS with Auger Filler for powders
Powered or Non Powered Conveyor
Quick release Jaws
Positive shut-off conveyor
S/S 1.2m diameter rotary pack off table
Size/Capacity:30 - 70 ppm (product & material dependent)
Stock Number:PVFF13545G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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