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K-TRON SODER SWB-300 Weigh Belt Feeder

This K-TRON Weigh was used in a confectionery plant. Use weigh belt feeders for gravimetric feeding at higher feed rates or where low headroom is a problem. Especially at high feed rates, a weigh belt feeder offers lower initial cost than a loss-in-weight feeder with equal throughput.
Materials Fed: free-flowing pellets, powders, fibers and friable materials.
The Smart Weigh Belt Feeder is used for continuous controlled gravimetric feeding of bulk materials. The unit can also be used for gravimetric batch feeding or for continuous metering of bulk material flow
Technical Data
Low feed rate -10dm³/hr
Low feed rate -0.04ft³/hr
High feed rate - 40000dm³/hr
High feed rate -1400 ft³/hr
Materials of Construction:
Housing: Stainless steel, DIN 1.4301, 220 ground and brushed, 304 No. 4
Conveyor: Stainless steel, DIN 1.4301, 304 electro polished
Material contact surfaces: Stainless steel DIN 1.4404, 316L electro polished
Ratio 43.68:1, K0-SFT-111 60N
Scale: K-SFT-III-60N
Weigh bridge: Aluminium, cast, powder coated (FDA approved)
SFT III: Aluminium, Nickel plated
Aluminium, powder coated housing
Belt: Silicone or Polyurethane
Gaskets/ Seals: White or gray FDA conforming material
Painted surfaces:
Motors and reducers: RAL 7035 (light gray)
Motor: 0.45kW (0.5 H.P.), IP 55 (NEMA 12),
Flange mounting IEC 71/B5 (56 C Face)
Reducer: Helical /Worm 90°, 20:1,40:1,80:1
SFT III protection: IP 65 (NEMA 4)
Speed pickup protection: IP 65 (NEMA 4)
Min. Beltload: with 1 weighbridge: 2 kg/m (1.36 lbs/ft) with 2 weighbridges: 1kg/m (0.68 lbs/ft.)
Setpoint turndown: 1:20
Min. batch size: 0.5 kg (1lbs)
Design pressure: atmospheric
Temperature rating:
Storage: -40…80°C (-40…176°F)
Process material: 0…50°C (32…122°F)
Temperature change: < +/- 5°C (< +/- 9°F) per hour
Low temp. option:
Process material: -25…50°C (-13…122°F)
High temp. option:
Process material: 0…160°C (32…320°F)
Air flow for dust exhausting:
SWB-300: 22 m3/h (777 ft3/h)
Shipping weight: SWB-300 140kg (308lbs)
Feed rate
Belt speeds are controlled to within +/- 1 RPM over a 100:1 range from full motor speed.
Material bulk densities can range from 0.5 to 2.5kg/l (31 to 156 lb/ft3)
Material particle size can be a max. of 10mm (0.4")
Component A is specified in this spec sheet.
SWB-300 (belt width 300 mm)
Material flow onto the belt / weigh bridge is set through a stainless steel inlet chute with adjustable gate height. Side skirts prevent material spillage on the conveyor.
Material weight on the primary weigh deck and belt tare weight on the secondary weigh deck are determined by K-TRON's patented SFT III weighing technology with vibration and temperature immunity, zero deflection and 1 part in 1 million resolution.

The control employs belt segmentation and weight shift technology to achieve control of material rate at the discharge point.

The unit can be supplied with pre feeder units such as rotary valves, screw feeders or vibratory trays.(from agent only)
Rates may vary with materials and conditions.
lb/hr ft3/hr kg/hr dm3/hr.
Size/Capacity:20 - 20,000 kg/hr
Stock Number:SCAL13525S
Serial Number:0150042/250320

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